Strip Me (1)

Three points are talent, three points are thought, three points are endurance. This is the most pertinent, accurate and highest comment on me in the past 40 years. My wife, who likes to talk with me, agrees with me after thinking carefully. It was my mentor who taught and lived that. He also said a

Know to appreciate oneself

Knowing how to appreciate yourself and learning to appreciate yourself is actually a kind of survival skill and wisdom. Life is like a piece of white paper. We need to write beautiful articles with the pen of our hearts. Although my life has gone through hardships and twists and turns. Although I have regrets, twists

No matter love or not, don’t argue

I once wrote an article about communication. There are many misunderstandings and tragedies in the world, all of which stem from the lack of communication. Lack of communication leads to information asymmetry, which makes both parties have illusion and then make different judgements. However, some judgements make people sigh, and some regrets need to be

Reunion of words and characters

I like carving in the words, and I like wandering in the words. Beautiful words are the source of my hope and the dream I pursue. Send the soul to the words, let the thoughts think with the words, and flow with the words. Therefore, there is a reunion between mountains and words, and the

The sorrow of the autumn string, who will share me and me

If love really could stand the test, wouldn’t there be such a sad story? If love is really as firm as a rock, wouldn’t there be half a scroll, a song of separation, and finally, the fleeting years that vanished in the end of the world with the wind? — Text: dancing alone with rain

Free and easy, make life more bright

Every time we open our sleepy eyes and usher in a new day, everyone’s heart is peaceful. Sleep is like a rainstorm in summer, washing off the flying dust, fading away the unbearable restlessness, and the rolling heat wave is also eroded by thousands of water droplets falling heavily from the sky, let them vanish

The book is vigorous, but the moment is beautiful

The scholar was vigorous, but he couldn’t wait for the moment to be beautiful and flashy. He was leisurely and carefree. In the rain Lane in the south of the Yangtze River, who would step on the horse? How can you sigh that youth is easy to die when the sea is changing? The beauty