On Blind Date

Recently, a friend was going to get married. She and her boyfriend met each other through blind dates. From meeting each other to determining the wedding date, the full time was only three months, which was called love at first sight in the words of the party concerned. To be honest, the speed is really

Other side of the city

In that year, the encounter on the campus, in the next three years, every time I could see a familiar figure and a face smiling at me from a distance among the crowd who swarmed after class, each time I passed by with a smile. The library, the location, and the direction, you and a

Wind, I want to gently say to you

It is the season when cherry blossoms bloom again. Full sakura petals, with the warm sun in May whispering softly in the wind, I seem to have turned into a charming pink petal just last year today, you are the only netizen I left in the vast sea of Internet at first. I remember at