Rural dream

The clouds like light gauze covered the undulating mountains. A river full of spring water flowed quietly among the green fields. An old bridge was lying on the river, making the thin spring rain wet slowly. This is the scenery of the country that I have been used to seeing for a long time. But

Maybe just a moment

Because my eunuch was hospitalized for surgery, he hurried to the hospital after morning self-study. When he arrived at the ward, people in the same ward said that he had entered the operating room. I climbed to the 8th floor, sitting outside the operating room with many patients’ families and so on. Before anesthesia, the

Listen to music at midnight: Love the Internet, love you

The pattering rain outside the window knocked on the window and my sleepless. I sat quietly in front of the screen holding a cup of fragrant tea in my hand, looking at the lonely sky cloud and hazy rain outside the window. I am an old man with little ink in his belly. Although he

Dust-laden memories

I have always been a person who is not good at expressing. I don’t manage family affection, love and friendship in a special way, my character seemed to be unsociable and passionate until one day I personally ruined my love! We got to know each other on the National Day of freshman year. It was

The taste of happiness

The eight-day holiday is about to pass. A few days ago, we all enjoyed ourselves. A few days later, the child began to do homework. I am also busy with some trivial things at home. My husband continued to rush to work. On the eighth day, I sighed: If only I didn’t go to work.