Youth, this bright sadness!

Youth, this bright sadness!

Leaning against the window, holding the cheek, looking at the sky, thinking hard, the trickling raindrops gave out the past bit by bit, and the context turned out to be the outline of youth. A flash of lightning hit the youth, which was so dazzling. From then on, we named it sad. I won’t cry.

Travel return

Traveling is not strange to me. In those years, I traveled around the world in my military career, and in those years, I traveled all over the famous mountains and rivers of my motherland and visited all the places of interest and historic interest of my motherland. With the growth of age, there is no

Own road walk

In life, you can’t rely on others for everything. The most reliable thing in this world is yourself, and the one you can save is yourself. If you want to change things, you must first change yourself. Only in this way can you change others. If I can’t make bright and beautiful flowers, but I

Drunk city at night

After the Sunset Glow ended, the bustling street seemed to be brighter than in the daytime. I am like a fallen leaf in autumn; Wandering in the noisy street all the way. A wide variety of advertising boards, dense; Hanging above my head, are shining with brilliant light and colorful brilliance. The prosperous streets and

Wonderful Life

Flowers bloom on the street, but you can return slowly. In the second language, Yan is called Eternal. These nine words are plain and warm, and the feelings are especially heavy, which contain thoughts and sadness. Every time I think of these two sentences, I can’t help admiring Qian Liu. Although there are few words,

Never Flowers in never dreams

In fact, most of the time, I also have the expression in an article. Suddenly I feel tired. I have already passed the agreement. What I love is just the clouds of the past. The beauty of the past is really fleeting. On the court, on the turf, in the dormitory, I don’t know how

Childhood Fun 17 stealing fruit

On September 3rd, 1983, the children in our whole village were gathered by a group of big children from the 17th National Congress of the CPC. They decided to commit the crime collectively to the orchard of xinglongquan village located in the southeast side of xinglongquan second team and the northwest side of xinglongquan Dam

Goodbye, summer Mr.

Read novels happily every day, watching the cold and warm world. Spend time with friends every day, because I am your best friend. Every day, I live like this day by day. The cicadas outside were hissing, the summer wind raised layers of wheat waves, and the slightly monotonous pole. Every evening, there will be