Be a cat that won’t let you worry about

Air conditioning room. During the interval of work, I suddenly looked at QQ and began to be stunned.

It seems to be far away from your world. Since I told you that we didn’t start at the right time.

They said that the pain was only a hundred days long. Any gentle yearning can’t match the baptism and drying of time. Then, do they know that you have been hidden in my heart, and the unspeakable scar is as clear as yesterday?

My head is a cat, such a cold animal, a treacherous minister in people’s eyes, and have I ever been hurt by love in your world? I feel very sad when I look at your QQ that is no longer on.

However, we have met each other in this life, but meeting does not mean that we will have a chance to defend each other. It happened that we don’t embrace each other in this life, but we have hot words to mark a period of time that changes the track because of each other.

Cat, an animal with heavy body like love but lonely, and a creature with heavy wind and rain but never looking back. However, I am destined to be a cat in this life, because I am daughter’s body, weak and boneless, but there are layers of burdens on both shoulders, and I lost my master, even with your shelter, you can’t make your body and mind peaceful. I’m afraid that when the wind and rain hit, your sadness will increase.

I have never said love to you, although my heart has already gone beyond the direction I can control and is heading for you. But I will never be determined. What I want to choose is a custom rooted in the world, not a spirit that can give up everything for love in your eyes. I am just a cat who accidentally intruded under your roof, guarding my field and living with lonely companions at night.

I think you love me. I think it is really lucky for me to meet you in this life. I think if it were not for you in this life, I would not be a cat, I will be trapped in an unknown world because I cannot perceive my soul.

I think you are not lucky, because you accidentally unsealed my skill for many years, which revived my soul. Therefore, you are doomed to never own me again,, god knows, how much I am hate that moment I didn’t continue to sleep? Why should I bear such a cold and helpless night?

They said, you can’t choose him, even if he is your robbery. I nodded, yes, I can’t choose you, even if this is not my intention. Because, at the moment I woke up, I knew that I loved you so much that I couldn’t let anyone hurt you, even if that person was me and the love you dreamed.

Zhuang Zhou Mengdie, but he can’t die with butterfly. He can only place his dream on butterfly, but his body is still wandering in the world. Then, how can my cat hold you deeply? I love and love me. When the Hot Wheel of Time passes through our thin oath, I am afraid that I will be messy in the past where deep feelings fade away.

I thought, I am dream with messy nerves, which seemed to be bright, was only covered with a garment transformed by the hands of God. If this coat was lost, will you still fall in love with my naked body? I don’t know whether my soul will make you forget everything and want to have it. Even if you want to have it, should I belong to you?

I kept a lofty face and walked gently. I thought that in this life, I am cat, and you were destined to be my lover who was no longer for me!

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