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Waiting is a kind of happiness and beauty. Passengers waiting for the bus under the bus stop, young people wandering in the moonlight, and even mothers standing at the head of the village looking forward to returning. Although they had different results of waiting, everyone had the same mood of waiting. That is to expect the goal to come early. Because people firmly believe that the result of waiting is happy and beautiful, they are willing to endure the long waiting. Only a long wait can make the results suddenly appear happier and more beautiful. It is the best interpretation of the waiting artistic conception after the dusk. Waiting is dance, and the scenery in the dance is more beautiful. Waiting is rain, and the sky washed by rain is bluer. Countless times of waiting constitute a beautiful life, and countless times of waiting are piled up in the beautiful life. Days are also waiting to come, waiting to go.


If you are going to leave, the days will be long; If you are around, the days will be short. Now, all the days are condensed into a red sun and a bright moon, hanging in my heart. All the days are beautiful because of your constant companionship. There are a lot of scenery in the days, and we are just one of them. I don’t have you, you don’t have me, although life still exists, your heart and mine are no longer blue, no longer colorful. Health and happiness are another kind of life. Although no one will have them forever, everyone believes that he will not give them up easily in his lifetime. Even if your health is gone, you still have a complete heart in the end!


It rained for several days, making the world much fresher. In the emerald green of nature and the world of emotion, I found the innocence of each other. When the calendar turns into yesterday page by page, life has gone through too much hardship and shoulder the responsibility of family; But you and I still maintain the original innocence and passion, he still plays his own role in the story of emotion persistently. Tomorrow, you and me still have expectations. Even if it rains every day, even if it rains every day, the sun in my heart is still hanging in my heart. The red warmth is full of the atrium. Maybe my emotion has been closed for too long, and love has evolved into kinship with the passage of time; In the bottom of my heart, I lost that warm feeling for a long time until I met you, and this feeling came back again, therefore, the heart is empty and the blue sky and white clouds are shining. I don’t know how long it will rain, I am don’t want to stop. The heart that has dried up for a long time cannot be soaked all of a sudden; The planted seedlings also need the moisture of rainwater. April is the day when my heart starts. Just like every time I don’t know how to make an appointment but it has been established, every time I can meet it, every time I will be happy and sublimate. Thank you for the time that made me meet you. Thank you for having you all the way through my heart.


The haggard face is hidden outside the sky tonight, and there is no moonlight. Where are you, with a little rain, wet yourself. The heart I longed for couldn’t stand such thoughts and thoughts any more; I closed my eyes tightly, but found that: it turned out that the weather was sunny, and my heart might not be warm; When it was dark, my love might not always want to go out and out of the world, looking at the sky outside the sky, I feel that the color outside the sky is blue or blue, but I can’t walk out of myself, let alone me? Perhaps, this is already arranged, my life has been filled with autumn. I want to go out, but I can’t help myself. There are many times when pain is greater than happiness; Then, why can’t we be happy and happy? Because you have entered my heart and stayed, I have no regrets


Whose back is that? It appears frequently in my dream, awakening my long-sleeping love. The dim and affectionate smiling face, like the sunny sun in the middle of June, exudes dazzling light at midnight, penetrates the dark and dense original forest, and lights up any place in my heart. I can’t and don’t want to resist it, I can’t and don’t want to hide. The warm and sweet lips are eager to explore the desire in my heart. In the night soaked by missing, in the night when you say love, my cold heart is warmed again. Love opens its wings, breaks through the darkness and leads me to heaven. Our hearts have known and cherished each other, and our souls have melted into one. You are the only one in your subconscious mind. Even if the future is turbulent, missing is still for you. Whether it is wrong or not is just God’s arrangement. I believe that fate will be with us, and I believe that you are another expectation of me.

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