The miss distance

I haven’t seen you for a long time. Just calculate the distance that is hard to miss. I also believe that the distance can’t change the tacit understanding between me and you, but I still can’t calm down. Miss you. Your greeting is my warm reason. Miss you. It’s useless to be obedient and run out of the distance. Missing is very heavy “missing distance”

I always thought that there would be no distance to miss. In the vast sea of people, in the vast space and time, I can think of anyone at any time and any place, no matter whether that person is very important or irrelevant, no matter that person is missing you or has forgotten your appearance, but hearing this song unintentionally touches a string deep in the heart. Some missing not only has distance, and it is a distance that cannot be crossed!

During the Spring Festival in 2012, I didn’t go home. This was the first time in my memory that I didn’t go home for the Spring Festival. I stayed with my younger sister in a small room in other places, watching TV, making dumplings, but didn’t have New Year’s Eve dinner. The older you grow, the less atmosphere you have for the new year. You can’t even feel the atmosphere for the new year in other places. Think about it carefully. This is actually the second time for us to celebrate the new year together, but last time we followed our uncle and this time we were the only two of us!

In fact, I am found many reasons for myself not to go home. Although I also miss my relatives, I haven’t been back since I left home last spring festival. I haven’t seen those I love for a long time, however, I would rather maintain this kind of missing. Since I was a child, I yearned for the distance. Although the resentment at that time had already disappeared after the waste of time, those wounds were still deeply and shallow deposited in my heart, and I didn’t want to touch them, I dare not touch it! After so long time and so many experiences, it is proved that all quietness and warmth can only be maintained by the distance between time and space, and only in missing can it be full of beauty.

On the night of New Year’s Eve, I stayed with my sister from the previous year to the next year, and then chatted in the quilt. I didn’t know why I talked to her about the phone calls of the previous few days, the phone that was broken later but made me cry all night in my dream, the phone that I said I would not mention to anyone again, and then I remembered the black and white words that I thought I had forgotten, I remembered the past that I no longer cared about, the grievances, the wounds and the memories came all over the world until I could understand their original intention, but I couldn’t accept such a good way for me, I am just a sentimental little girl who is eager for warmth, expectation, encouragement and support, rather than questioning and denying From the beginning! Or, only in the distance of missing can we never encounter such sharp pain again.

Missing is not obedient, running out/distance is useless, missing is very heavy. For a long time, I could not help thinking of the person in my memory. Even though it was thousands of miles away, the missing was heavily embedded in my heart. However, a few short characters declared that everything in the past was so insignificant. Maybe that person’s monologue was really just a joke to another person! But why, when everything is clear, what is more in my heart is clear? Is it because in such a long time, my persistence, My Miss and my stubbornness are all so humble? Perhaps, from then on, it is true that they are all over the world!

However, however, as I once said, some people’s life will always subvert the original plain and peaceful because they meet some people, just like me, because I met such a person in the most beautiful years, and there were so many variables and more wonderful things in my life. Then, no matter what the result is, go forward bravely. Those memories treasured in the years will also show another beauty.

Perhaps, the most beautiful thing is the missing from the coat, the proper distance and the proper missing!

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