Beautiful from the early morning

Wake up in the alarm and prepare breakfast as soon as possible. Ah, delicious and nutritious milk, steamed eggs with pork sauce and green beans.

PA, PA, I clapped my hands habitually, got up, got up! The children didn’t respond. After shaking them again, the daughter slowly sat up rubbing Xing Song’s sleeping eyes. The son turned around and seemed to sleep deeper. Then she patted his ass and threw the trousers on his face, he got up unwillingly. Put on clothes, wash your face, brush your teeth, eat well, both are scattered everywhere.

Ah, tomorrow is Teacher’s Day. My son said he would send a painting to the teacher. He began to choose his own works seriously. It seemed that I was reluctant to give up every picture, and finally made a difficult decision. That golden elephant was his most awesome masterpiece. He loved his teacher, so he was willing to do it. It seemed that time was too late. My son took his father’s car and went first.

After finishing the arrangement for my daughter, I want to walk to school with her. She smiled happily. No matter what she did, she was happy as long as she was with me.

I helped her carry her schoolbag, which was too heavy. We trotted all the way. She had a stomachache. I picked her up. She giggled and said, “Mom, don’t lose me. There were a lot of flower sellers on the roadside, and many students were buying flowers. She asked them why they bought flowers?

That is for the teacher, because tomorrow is the teacher’s holiday.

The teacher’s festival?

Is Teachers’ Day. Do you want to give it to the teacher?

Well, she nodded hard and finally bought it, but she looked at me doubtfully, how could I send it?

Ha ha, I arranged it for her, but finally when she carried her schoolbag and walked to the school gate, I told her that she was late. She felt a little wronged and shook her head to pass the flowers to me, I knew that she must be embarrassed to send it. I didn’t force her to see her into the school gate. Her small figure carried a big schoolbag and trotted, passing through the big classmates around her and the playground, running to the classroom, my eyes were a little wet, but my heart was smiling.

The sunshine in the morning showered me. The air was particularly fresh. People at work were in a hurry. The mother who was a new mother strolled leisurely with a stroller. The Business of the breakfast stall on the roadside was booming. Grandma wiped her grandson’s mouth, occasionally there will be the sound of the car whistle, which seems to be the accompaniment. Everything is so peaceful. With a quiet heart and a tranquil smile on my face, I breathed deeply and walked forward in the direction of light.

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