My editor life

Because I like it, I am persistent, because I love it, I have no complaints or regrets. Inscription

I have been an editor for more than four years. First, I was an online website of prose, and then I added a poem magazine, which edited both online and magazine. In the days of editing, life becomes busy, life becomes full, friends become wide, chatting becomes interesting part-time editing work makes life interesting, and occasional editing and reading exchanges make life poetic.

After editing a large number of articles, I found that it was not easy to be an editor. I read articles on the computer all day long, not to mention how my eyes can afford them. It was troublesome to deal with those words with mixed qualities, just selecting those manuscripts that are suitable for the article column makes people take a lot of trouble. Therefore, in addition to loving words and reading a large number of articles, an editor should also have the spirit of selfless dedication and hard work; He should also know all kinds of writing skills, appreciate all kinds of literary styles, be knowledgeable and have many abilities; we also need to have a pair of wise eyes, a broad mind, gold panning in the sand, and all rivers in the sea; We also need to be a good teacher and friend of the Author. With the help of the Internet, we can compile and publish new articles well, and the click, naturally, I bought a lot. As an editor, give priority to reading articles with novel themes; As an editor, give priority to articles with novel angles; As an editor, give priority to choosing articles with ingenious ideas; In this way, only the hundred gardens of literature can fly like bees and butterflies. In this way, the grassland of literature can be full of vitality. However, it is not easy to do these things. In this case, improving oneself becomes the top priority. In order to better compile and select poems, I spent a lot of spare time studying poems and participated in the study of Chinese poetry Institute. In this way, there were more things and more time, the college has to attend classes, finish homework, take exams, and review the homework of lower grades; On the website side, it also has to edit articles, read text maps, and distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, I still need to answer the author’s questions. Therefore, one day’s free time is all on the Internet, and one day’s time is all in the study. Although this is the case, I still feel that life is fun; Although I am amateur, I am still very dedicated; Although I am. Because I like it, I am persistent, because I love it, I have no complaints or regrets. The busy and fulfilling life makes me forget the troubles in the world, and the monotonous and rhythmic life makes me enjoy myself.

hui zhe bu nan, nan zhe bu hui. After a long time of editing, more manuscripts have been reviewed, and the editors of articles can be relaxed and free. The reviewers also have their own routines. Generally speaking, for short articles, three points should be positioned to see the novelty and strength of the title, the writing ideas at the beginning, and the words at the end with infinite meanings, so as to roughly judge the level of an article. Occasionally, I read ten lines at a glance to see whether the language is smooth, the thinking is clear, whether the story is wonderful, whether the paper is reasonable and well-organized, whether the prose is well-written, read it carefully, and read it again; If it is ordinary text, read it again, as long as it is reasonable, send it if you can; If you really can’t pass it, return it again. On the basis of three-point positioning, reviewing a long article usually reads a few more paragraphs to see the writing style, overall layout, structure, ideological content and sociality. In network literature, there are a few excellent writers and a few good manuscripts. Most of the manuscripts are very ordinary, very ordinary, and even a lot of manuscripts are hard to read. With more reviews of ordinary manuscripts, the passion gradually disappeared, and it began to numb. Sometimes I am too lazy to go to the trial, so I have to pass by. Think about it, the editor is also a person, and there will be aesthetic fatigue. When I have this kind of emotion, I will rest for a day or two, take a look at the masterpieces and adjust my mentality, so that I will not be affected by my temperament any more and take personal perception as the center, take colored glasses to review the manuscript; In this way, it is no longer a matter of words, review quickly and confirm the merits and demerits of a manuscript rashly; In this way, there will be no unclear rejection. Sometimes I also help the writer to change the title, text, punctuation and typesetting. After my handwriting, an excellent work is presented to the readers. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to modify the content of the article, because the writer has the idea of the writer, and the editor has the idea of the editor. As an editor, in most cases, only the problem can be pointed out, it is impossible to have a major operation on the writer’s articles. As an editor, there are some hardships and pressures, but you can’t perfunctory the author because of these. If so, you will be sorry for the literature lovers who come to the website and feel sorry for meeting my author, therefore, I always take my editing work seriously, hoping to get to know more literature lovers and publish more good articles.

There is justice in the world, and there is always a reward for giving. Although those rewards are virtual and those rewards are just a few words, it also makes my life full of sunshine and my world colorful. Virtual network, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I improved myself because I wrote articles, got everyone’s recognition because I wrote articles, and got to know many literary friends because I wrote articles. The message that wen you gave me was like a gust of wind blowing in the dog days, which was really refreshing. The following are some copies to share with readers:

I have read several ancient poems and essays written by you. Ancient poems are like poems and paintings, with beautiful artistic conception and profound foundation. I like and admire these essays very much because of their remarkable literary talent and true feelings. I am a newbie who just got married with prose online. I hope to ask teachers for more advice in the future. Like chasing dreams, I hope to become the best friends with teachers. xue shan fly fox

It is not too much to compare you to an angel. It is my first time to step into prose online and to meet you and your colleagues here for the first time. I am very pleased. At the beginning of the new year, I wish you a happy and happy arrival. May you send more and better beautiful articles. I am very happy to meet you. Thank you. Hua Zi

First of all, I would like to thank the editor-in-chief for his praise of my national day essay “nothing” and his love for “being worthy of Mother”. I was flattered by the second prize, but it also inspired me to create more excellent proses to repay the brilliant eyes of editors and judges. Snow find deer

Butterflies, days disappear, miss! Today, I come to visit your blog. I’m glad to see that you have sent many works. I must read them carefully! I remember two or three years ago, I posted the first article about the historical mission of our writer on your website (an article in memory of the People’s Writer Comrade Wei Wei), you added a photo of Comrade Wei Wei to this article, which was very effective and inspiring. This article in last year Chinese liberated society commemorate People writer Wei Wei death 3th anniversary of the, great influence, appreciation to your edit good/poor, keeping such a very precious photo of Comrade Wei Wei in those years. Indeed, the article who is the most lovely person of Mr. Wei has influenced the whole generations. Judging from the old photo of Mr. Wei you saved, I believe that you and I are both admirers of Mr. Wei, Dielianhua. August 24 this year is the 4th anniversary of Mr. Wei’s death. The Chinese liberated area literature Research Association will hold a commemorative symposium in Beijing, I wrote an article to advance under the banner of Wei Wei. Do you also write a commemorative article to post on your website? Thank you! Read people 2012 nian 8 yue 9 ri

When reading these sincere messages, the bitterness in writing has been replaced by sweetness, while the boredom in reading has been occupied by happiness. Although the editor does the job of making wedding clothes for others, what he gets is only verbal thanks, when others praise you, you will be sincerely proud. When others admire you, you will think of going up one flight of stairs. Therefore, I am working towards the direction of a good editor, trying my best for the prose website, doing my best for Tianya poetry journal, with all the writing writers in my heart, selflessness and wide world in my heart, and a sincere and universal heart, get to know and help the vast number of text lovers, because in their hearts, editors are very sacred and of great talent and beauty; Because in their hearts, editors are imperial edict, which is the right direction of literature, it is an example for themselves to learn; Because in their hearts, the respect for editors is like the respect for teachers of primary school students. Therefore, I will take the works of literary friends seriously and communicate with them sincerely. Prose online website provides a place for people in the world of mortals to rest their hearts, a stage to show their literary talents and an opportunity to get to know more like-minded people, let literature lovers from all over the world meet and get acquainted, communicate with each other and improve together. I will recommend American essays to the journals I edit, and also to the editors I know, so as to make the authors of prose online go to a broader stage.

As an editor, I am also like a teacher. My love for authors is like teachers to students, parents to children, and I try my best to compile and educate people simultaneously. I think the editor’s life is indeed very interesting. There are so many friends that I can find my bosom friend anywhere. It is said that teachers are engineers of human souls. In fact, this is also very suitable for editors.

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