Love of distance

In my childhood, I always thought that the distance belonged to soldiers, and I always heard the heroic voice singing the pride tearing my throat; Or the numerous students, because there are a lot of people around me who have been admitted to school and left, and once they leave, they will leave all their

The broken sky

I don’t know how beautiful the perfect sky is, nor how comfortable the clear streams are; I like listening to songs quietly by myself, put yourself into the dim gray world, put aside all the realities and responsibilities; Quietly experience the stability that loneliness brings to me. Maybe this is either escaping or being isolated;

Early spring scenery

Early spring scenery

In the morning, walking along the riverside road, the snow and rain gently hit my cheek, and said to me like spoiled: I’m coming! You welcome? I smiled and said nothing, but asked: why not welcome it. While walking, I replied to the rain and snow in my heart. There were few pedestrians on the

Let life settle in words

In the quiet night, there is a clear music passing through the curtain, coming ethereal, getting closer and closer, which is very similar to the tune of high mountains and flowing water. I sat in front of the desk, facing the screen, and my fingers were at a loss on the keyboard. As usual, in

Listen to music at midnight: Love is a cup of wine that everyone can get drunk

On a quiet night, it began to rain again. Through the fuzzy glass, I looked at the hazy part outside the window. The ticking rain gently touched my heart. Sleeping at night, listening to the wind blowing and rain, the tenderness is deep into my dream. I sat alone in front of the screen, listening

Popular in a market of laughter

My family lives in Chengbei New District, and there is a small vegetable market not far from downstairs. For many people living here, the first thing they do after getting up every morning is to pick up the basket and run to the small market. I am an ordinary person who can’t do without the