Listen, the sound of the night

Listen, the sound of the night

When I opened my eyes, the ceiling was blank and my head was blank. No nightmare, no thunder, no movement, but wake up without reason, and then insomnia without reason. Open the quilt, let the air-conditioner breathe out into the bed, a little trembling, sleepiness faded. Walking out of the room, I suddenly felt that

Tonight cranky

In my spare time, there was fertile ground for wild thoughts, which gradually broke through the Earth and grew at an unimaginable speed! As a single spark was liaoyuanzhishi! I still have to continue my study, but I don’t want to eat those boring professional books in my hand, which makes my life idle for

Disease random thoughts

Today Lantern Festival, window firecrackers deafening. I can’t see the beautiful fireworks passing through the night sky and the full moon, so I can only imagine how colorful they are in my heart, because I am lying in bed and I am ill. Since he was a little weak and sickly, he had been dubbed


Time wasted, the vicissitudes of life, the dirty life gradually annihilated my pure eyes and simple heart. Pure and innocent is getting farther and farther away from myself, but trying to find it back is always blocked by reality. There are smoke waves, ups and downs in life, thorns in the ditch, joys and sorrows,

Loving flowers is a kind of elegance, and cultivating flowers is a kind of cultivation

If loving flowers is a kind of elegance, then cultivating flowers is a kind of cultivation. Some people love flowers because they grow flowers, but some people only grow flowers because they love flowers. Practice because of love; Experience because of love; Flowers bloom more brightly because of love. There are many people who raise

Loneliness is a disease

Every day, I went to class in plain clothes, shuttling back and forth alone in schools, fallen streets and small hotels where I lived. I lived in seclusion and was in the downtown, but lived a country-like life. Watching TV, listening to music and occasionally turning over Books are my days. Simple, free and boring.

Eager for a pair of poet’s eyes

When I started to read some extracurricular books, I was more interested in reading. I took the books of my eldest brother who was studying in normal school and read them casually. Although I didn’t understand much, the Tang and Song poems in the book, really unputdownable. Looking back now, I feel quite funny, but

Beautiful worried about

There are always too many concerns in life. Parents care about children, old people care about children, men care about women, wife care about husband care is an invisible red silk thread, invisible, touch; Care is deep affection, deep love; caring is a continuous knot of heart and a silent poem. Care is not born.