You are my blue Yan

For many years, you always ask on some casual occasion, are we missing when we were young? I have repeated it many times, no! You are my destined friend in my life. Apart from this friendship, the rest becomes family affection. We walked through those colorful years of youth together; A girl who was held

Dragon Boat Festival Capriccio

Lunar May 5 is the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional folk festival in China. It is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. Dragon Boat Festival is also called Duanwu, Duanyang. In addition, such as: noon festival, Heavy Five Festival, May Festival, Bath Orchid Festival, Girl’s Day, Tianzhong festival, di la Festival,

Snake fans fog

After the night self-study, the campus gradually calmed down under the moonlight. A full moon shined the campus in the countryside like day. Several of our teachers on duty were chatting at the gate of the school. Suddenly, there was a scream in the girl’s dormitory. After a while, teacher Zhang, the girl’s counselor, ran

Rare Moonlight lonely

Suddenly, we entered this place with mountains and water. Temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What accompanied us were the beautiful and clean asphalt roads, the gorgeous mountain flowers along the roadside and the trees that could not be named. We breathed the air mixed with all kinds of flowers and

beishaomen of memory

Eating river powder, holding a string of strings, humming a song, chatting about business, mood flying, smile like flowers, this moment of beautiful moment, there is no source, no return. At this moment, the memory is decorated into a shallow memory, which is as warm as the midnight stars in the dim light. I haven’t

Beautiful is a kind of imagination

I remember that I once saw a cartoon in which two neighbors were transforming tables at home. Party a changed the square table into a round table and thought the Round Table was beautiful. Party B changed the round table into a square table and thought the square table was beautiful, imitating each other. There

Charity, tolerance is

Life is alive, and I suffer some kind of injustice and injustice all the time. Mr. Ma said, wronged again Big than the “Dragon Eight” in Qiao Feng, wronged again Big than the “Swordsman” in Linghu Chong. How can a person judge his mind without being wronged. Because the measurement standard of mind should be