Superficial said attitudes

I remember that the first time I contacted this fake word when I was a child was about the puppet army and Wang puppet government. At that time, I was confused in my mind. I don’t know what it meant? With the growth of age and the expansion of reading, I finally understand its true

Stay together

Suddenly, I really want to find someone to stay. Suddenly, I really want to find someone to stay together for a lifetime, quarrel for a lifetime, love for a lifetime, pain for a lifetime, hate for a lifetime …. look through my missing, wash away the years, let the years pass by, time changes, you

Inner limit

For countless days, I have been asking myself, how much can our hearts bear? Sadness, pain, happiness and the unknown secret. Is it like a spring, which can be freely retractable, with maximum tolerance, understanding, and the most urgent expansion and explosion? Within the scope of elasticity, everything is significantly so insignificant, people can live

Dust in singing

To be bored, all seasonal vividness, using individual wings to make polite condolence, may be really boring, limited space is not enough to release, or it is difficult to let go of some degree of weight, everything is fixed, just like the direction of flies or butterflies. Everything is churning in the dust, the angle

Happiness Prescription

Happiness is not a temporary thing, but a lifelong thing. A happy life does not mean that I love you and then begin to love each other; Nor does it mean that we are not suitable and then separate. Happiness is that two people wait silently, accumulate all the love in the bottom of their

Baby, Please accept my sorry flower

It is said that my mother is worried, but I have never experienced it before. I just heard about it. Now, I have really tasted the taste of pear. I am eager to think about my daughter all day long, and the past is vivid in my mind. I clearly remember that I brought you