Childhood Fun 13 dozen Umi

In the long river of my memory, there is still an interesting childhood story related to eating, like a huge pearl shining! It appears in my heart from time to time, leading me back to that extremely happy childhood. The interesting thing in childhood was beating UMI. It is really interesting, fun and delicious! I

Cold rain of Xi

The southerners who fell into their dreams with the flowing water on the bridge all had an unspeakable crazy dream: on the silent wilderness, the birch forest, just like the bare uneven wound, was waiting for the snow to fall down, those were the transparent tears in the sky, melting in the eyes of the

A drop of rain, a touch of heart

The gray sky was like a big pot hanging over the earth. I went home by bike at noon. A sudden rain made me unable to escape, which made me bear a kind of incisively and vividly carefree. There are always some tiny moments in life that make waves and ripples in the calm heart.

Su Shi Jinnian, also used to die for you, etc.

I used to prefer myself to be a pear flower, just because I could cling to it. Now. Through that era of floating and wild horses, things are different. Original own but a windfalls residual flap, no branch can be. I bit. My spare time is used to recall. What I often recall are all

Strip Me (1)

Three points are talent, three points are thought, three points are endurance. This is the most pertinent, accurate and highest comment on me in the past 40 years. My wife, who likes to talk with me, agrees with me after thinking carefully. It was my mentor who taught and lived that. He also said a

I feel the capacity of classroom teaching of quality education

After listening to classes for nearly two years, the author thinks that there has been a strange phenomenon in Chinese teaching in the past two years. That is, many teachers put the contents of the previous two or three classes into one class to finish in order to pursue the large capacity of classroom teaching,

Reading theater, proper

Looking through “the world’s words”, what can’t be forgotten is of course that period of great career and university question, which must go through three states: Last night, the West Wind withered green trees, and the tall buildings alone, looking forward to the end of the world, this first level is also. I will never

Interesting childhood 14 jia yu

In my childhood, there were many interesting things related to fish, which were really countless. But there are some things that I can’t forget about my good friend who has been with me for many years, or the woman who has loved me. It is deeply buried in my heart, lingering. It doesn’t look like

Youth garbled

Youth garbled

Youth like to cling heart of a handful of sand, let you how hard grasp, or 1.1 point floor drain off; Youth is life of the most beautiful encounter, togetherness after to leave, seeing his back getting farther and farther, the peak became lighter and lighter, and he couldn’t see the king, leaving the horse

That summer the frogs croaking

The sound of frogs still echoed in my ears tonight. I still used to holding my breath, listening quietly, and even leaned up to the glass window. I can no longer tell whether the sound of frogs in my ears is true or not. I just remember that such sound of frogs often echoed in