Catch souls situation

Some momentary feelings in life need to be preserved faithfully with the pen in hand. It does not need to pile up gorgeous words or deliberately carve, only a sincere heart that can reflect the present is enough. In recent days, the right lower abdomen is always in faint pain, and an invisible giant stone

August is lonely and lonely

“I am destined to be an Immortal and lonely star, with no companions and a lonely life.” I suddenly remembered the fate of Chinese heroes. My wife died and my son died, so I left because of love. Of course, I also thought of killing my wife and killing my son for pursuing the highest

How far are you from yourself?

Is your mood good now? Is there a smile on your face? Borrowing the lyrics of Sun Yue, along the flaws that have already been exposed, it knocks on the long-experienced and tired heart. We communicate with others every day and leave footprints in the same or different places every day. Every night when people

Another Life

Today, I have the honor to follow my brother-in-law’s car to his and sister’s new home to experience another kind of life. After nearly five hours’ journey, we finally arrived at Tiger Mountain Village, the junction of Inner Mongolia autonomous region and Liaoning. When we arrived here, we were full of vitality, and the picturesque

Rain, thinking

Rain, thinking

Tonight, the drizzle is quiet, the pillow is a song of love flowing far away, and the dream is full of love waves. In the summer night, there is no wind and quiet waves, the light rain is falling down without thoughts, the heart is also like a lonely rain curtain, and there is no

When you were a sheep, I was a wolf

In the season of love, girls are wolves, boys are sheep. If the girl has instructions, the boy will follow them immediately, otherwise, he will be knocked down by the other side when holding hands. When we get married, the girl is sheep, the boy is sheep. The girl decided to marry. Extremely gentle to

In the storm variations

In the storm variations

The sea anemones came, and the strong wind and heavy rain made the city both surprised and shivered. All creatures who have been hungry for more than twenty days can’t wait to open all their nerves, suck the nectar with ocean flavor, and the trees are swaying in panic, the noise like the tide hit