Yizui, misty rain, Ren Pingsheng

Autumn rain. Finally, it ushered in the first rain in early autumn, which lasted for a day and a night. According to the weather forecast, it will continue to rain moderately tomorrow. I like Su Shi’s feeling of rain and rain very much, and I respect the calmness of moving forward peacefully in the wind

Moonlit Night

Riverside tidal even sea level, Sea Moon total tide living. There are thousands of miles of fluff and fluff, where there is no moon in the Spring River. The river flows around Fangdian, and the moon shines like a graupel. The Frost flew unconsciously in the air, and the white sand on the Ting could

As the saying goes, the village where the father and mother are fed, it is better to have their own

In the world of life, parents are naturally the closest relatives. From childhood to adulthood, we lived and ate with our parents. Especially when we were young, we had our own parents to work on food, clothing, housing and transportation, it is undoubtedly our own to spend their money and eat their meals. It is

My editor life

Because I like it, I am persistent, because I love it, I have no complaints or regrets. Inscription I have been an editor for more than four years. First, I was an online website of prose, and then I added a poem magazine, which edited both online and magazine. In the days of editing, life

Zizhenziyin drunk life

The noise of the day and the rush of people disturbed the quiet and comfortable, and the chaos missed the once dense feelings. Yelouxiaobian strong, Yuet ru lian, hustle dust floor. Drink in the past, drink in the past, the passing years, carved in the hovering palm prints, printed in the quiet eyes, buried in

Superficial said education

What parents need to know most is how to educate their children? When children come to this world, only their parents are their first teachers. However, to educate children well, the most important thing is to deal with the parent-child relationship well. Some people say that if parents establish absolute responsibility in their children’s hearts,

My humble place (the other one)

Last night, I dreamed of my grandmother, who was very peaceful and warm, as if it was not a dream, but a reality. My dream is always full of sadness and tears after my grandmother just passed away. Later, it turned out to be fear and fear. Now it is as kind and real as

A letter from a strange woman

In countless sleepless nights, I stared at the night with my eyes wide open. Anxiety and fear covered my eyes. Yes, I am not willing to sleep like this. I fell asleep, one day passed, and another day was coming. Me at a loss. I can’t say clearly what I’m afraid of, and I can’t