Prosperous years wind rain

The curtain of the years, the river water is mixed and the clouds are boiled, and the eaves of the building are dripping and glittering, the wine wakes up the residual light fog. The sound of the wandering heartbreak the rain is so rainy that the autumn color is green in the south of the

On the way (selected writers)

A vast world is arrogant. The steep rocks are reserved. When I stood at the foot of the mountain and raised my head, I suddenly felt a tragic shock. The barren mountains are solemn and bleak. The ingenious workmanship of nature made the mountain and the water into a royal house across the river, and

Mother’s Day greetings

My mother and I are far away from each other, and I miss my mother very much in my heart. Today is Mother’s Day. I wrote down my greetings and blessings to my mother in words. My mother was already 80 years old, but there was no daughter’s company around her. Every day, I was

Autumn Heart

Autumn Heart

On Saturday, on a boring night, I knocked the keyboard on the screen alone, and finished the emotions in my heart into fragrant words. Alone for a while, let the melody from the radio play a desolate mood with the waving of fingertips. It is said that it is autumn in the north now, and

It’s “hot” for a good autumn

In early autumn, the sun is shining, the sky is clear, the temperature is as high as 34 or 35 degrees Celsius, the room is hot and dry, sweat wrapped, uncomfortable and irritable. Our overtime work is complicated and messy, and it is rare for us to have a rest! Helpless flowers fell, and the

The pot of hanging orchid in front of the window

The pot of hanging orchid in front of the window

The pot of hanging orchid in front of the window has a history of several years since entering the house. No care and no care, but now it is still strong and alive. What kind of spirit is supporting and comforting, relying on its tenacity and striving for progress and growth without hesitation. This is

Who keeps the heart like Jade for whom

Meeting you is the greatest happiness in my life. At least, I used to think so. At least, we really love each other so strongly. I know there is no perfect person or thing in this world. Of course, there is no perfect happiness. You don’t have to love me, I don’t have to marry