My stream

My stream

Mountain streams and streams, tinkling, trickle. It doesn’t have the surging of rivers or the magnificence of waterfalls, but there is no lack of firmness in its slender and weak, and it has faith in its weakness. It is not afraid of the blocking of mountains and stones, nor greedy for the quiet of the

How much time do we have?

This day still came, and I never had the courage to send you to the station. I always miss you and cannot judge. Dear, can you feel my call? If you can hear my wishes to you, come back early. We don’t have much time left. We don’t know what will happen in the future,

I do not know, heart can still

It seems that I haven’t come to my Baidu space for a long time, and my space has already been deserted! Facing this kind of broken, speechless! Heartache! The space that once gathered countless efforts and regarded it as a life-like space. I don’t know when it started. It gradually alienated and reduced the number

The moon is full of autumn — today is my birthday again

The year before last, I spent the mid-autumn Festival in my hometown. I wrote down a poem about who would make the moon full and how to clear my sorrow. Last Mid-Autumn Festival was spent in Yongchang County in western Yunnan. After playing around Yunnan this year, I came to my hometown to spend the

May lost not to come back

To learn such a sentence, or an inscription, a slogan, or an instruction. It used to be the main melody of a certain era, resounding through the land of China and spreading all over every corner. That person was also popular all over the country, and his family was well-known. He also became an example

The Fimbristylis clouds

The love and care that went through the world of mortals, deep love, and deep love. Love is the beautiful titbits left by an old song. There are many emotions that cannot be expressed in words, and so is the cloud. The heart is like a net with thousands of knots. Loneliness is on the

Happy migratory birds

Over the years, too many changes have happened. There are so many people around, no matter the quantity or everyone’s life circumstances, all become different from the past, just like trees in autumn, with different shapes and different endings. Some people are sick, some are disabled, some are abnormal, some are divorced, some are in

Wheat cooked

The hot sun was exactly the season of wheat harvest. I imagined the rumbling sound of machines in the wheat fields in my hometown, and the villagers who couldn’t close their mouths with laughter on the ground. I couldn’t help feeling gratified. I still remember that when I was a child, a new girl in

In the Valley song

Spring town outside. Spring is more in the countryside. Spring is always near the soil. Therefore, every spring, I am must go back home. Every time I went home, I would go to the front and back of the house to walk around my mother’s vegetable garden, the river in front of the door, the

Love gives corner

Some people say that a mood can describe the smile of some people, which may not be enough. A song can sing some people’s heartbreaking, which may not be enough. A film can describe the ups and downs of some people, which may not be enough. A documentary can engrave some people’s subtle changes, which