Distance, heart War

The fish said to the water: I am very lonely, because I can only stay in the water. Water said to fish: I know, because your loneliness is in my heart. ——- Inscription seeing these sentences, I thought of distance. Fish and water are originally intimate, but there seems to be an invisible distance between

Say beautiful (Taiyuan Evening News)

My girlfriend’s son was executed. When I heard the news, I cried for whom I didn’t know. In short, my tears couldn’t stop. My girlfriend is one year older than me, but she got married eight years earlier than me. Because of her beauty, the scenery before and after marriage in those years can be


The weakness of my mind made my heart ache and couldn’t help myself. For many years, I kept repeating this marriage, reluctant to give up this injury, reluctant to give up that confusion, and always wanted to make others good, I am always afraid that I will accidentally involve others. I dare not think for

To days of a letter

RZ: See the letter as you see people. I also send my most devout wishes before writing. I hope you will have a happy and satisfactory life every day! Recently, my mood has been very low, but today I received your letter. Speaking of which, I am still a very happy person, I think there

Scorpio, scream, a little bit

Scream, a sports drink. When it comes to sports, it should be the patent of men. Someone must say that I have taken a partial view. One day, I had a scream and realized what I had learned. I gradually realized that Scorpio and scream actually had an indissoluble bond, because there were a large

Years streamer

In the rules of this world, time is the eternal law, which erodes the quicksand of time, takes away the appearance of life and cannot stay. The universe arranged by God is like creating the illusion of everything. The planet is full of sunshine and dreams, and warm as the harbor in childhood sleep dream,

The memory salvaged by years is torn apart, and the flowers bloom in the spring again, reclaiming, the bitterness of reincarnation,

Time is the core of memory, the fleeting time is the past, the passing scenery, I use tears to collect, not for sadness, just because every past is the only original creation. ——— Inscribing life is like a play, but it cannot be re-directed, and time is like a song, but it cannot be repeated.