Face up to ordinary

I like reading books and newspapers because I like writing. Because I am loyal to my own duty, I always study audit business seriously, so I often pay attention to audit publications, so I love “China audit”, so I must read every issue of this publication which is favored by few people at present.

Speaking of China audit, its content is actually very rich, including cover articles, focuses, forums, cases, experience exchanges, technologies and methods, wide angle, elegant demeanour, information windows, as long as you read columns such as fangcaoyuan attentively, you can search for knowledge and a large amount of information from all aspects, and you can also improve your professional quality and skills.

Today, as usual, the guard sent newspapers and periodicals again. I was immediately attracted by a large photo of a young woman with a smiling face on the cover of China audit. I looked carefully, it turned out to be the old photo of Jin Lanlan, a good cadre of Hefei Audit Bureau who sacrificed for his duty. When opening the cover article, it turned out to be China audit daily, an article jointly reported by China audit magazine traces her beyond the ordinary.

The article introduces the typical stories of Jin Lanlan’s initiative to ask for advice, being simple and practical, putting the people first and enriching the people first, loving his job and devoting himself to work, and devoting himself to learning, studying hard and applying what he has learned. For example, improving water conservancy facilities, caring for the disabled fan Guiping of female villagers, helping poor students Ye cancan win 4000 yuan of love and dream university grants, developing new stevia industry, blocking the loopholes of subsidies for household appliances going to the countryside

Jin Lanlan, deputy director of economic and trade audit department of Hefei Audit Bureau. After graduating from Anhui Agricultural University in 2004, he passed the civil servant examination and entered Anhui audit bureau. In August, 2011, he served as the deputy director of economic and trade audit department of Hefei Audit Bureau. Eight years has 4 times was named Hefei straight organs, Municipal Audit Bureau Outstanding Communist Party members, 2007, 2009, 2010 nian du assessment excellent, 2009 to 2011 for three consecutive years city audit bureau organs advanced workers. The AO application examples she wrote won the application Award of the Audit Office and the Excellence Award of the audit office of Anhui province successively. The computer audit method she wrote won the Excellence Award of the audit office of Anhui province and was selected into the audit method library of the audit office.

On May 3rd, 2012, as the fifth batch of selected cadres of Hefei municipal authorities (the selection period was two years), she came to Yeji village, Luotang township, Changfeng county, Hefei city to serve as the first secretary.

On the morning of August 14th, in order to apply for the grant of Hope project for two impoverished students Feng Aiju and Wang Wenjing in the village, there was a car accident on the way to Hefei Youth League municipal Party committee. The moment of life and death was the moment of death, the only thing she thought of was her poor villager student. She tried her best to shake her hands and handed the two application forms covered with blood to the traffic police who came to rescue her, and told them to keep it well with intermittent voices, and finally let it go to the world and finish her short 30-year life journey.

On August 18th, thousands of cadres and masses came to Hefei Funeral Home to bid farewell to this good Secretary who devoted all his youth to the cause of the party and the people.

On August 27th, the audit office of Anhui province submitted a report about comrade Jin Lanlan’s deeds to the audit office, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.

On September 1st, Li Bin, the governor of Anhui province, instructed: comrade Jin Lanlan was conscientious in the audit work and performed well. During the selection of the first secretary of the village, he kept in mind the party’s purpose, it is a good example for young cadres to do practical things for the majority of farmers! I hope that party members and cadres in the audit system of the whole province can Learn from Comrade Jin Lanlan and work hard to make greater contributions to the construction of a beautiful Anhui. On September 3rd, Zhang Baoshun, the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Anhui province, issued an instruction: the story of comrade Jin Lanlan was very touching, which was another typical example emerged among the selected cadres after comrade Shen Hao, and was an example for the majority of party members and cadres in. On the same day, the Audit Office issued a notice to the whole system to learn from comrade Jin Lanlan, calling on the cadres and workers of the national audit system, especially young cadres, to learn from comrade Jin Lanlan.

Having such a result, although we still have to feel sorry for Jin Lanlan, for her early death and for her short life, when we think of the inherent death of people, it is as heavy as Mount Tai and as light as a feather, maybe people will think that she seems to have died for her, because time has witnessed the value of her life.

Jin Lanlan left. From then on, people could no longer see her sunny smile and her vigorous and heroic figure. She left forever with her unfinished career. Here, let’s comfort Yingling and rest in peace, Lan Lan! At the same time, let’s express our cordial sympathy to the family members of comrade Jin Lanlan!

Jin Lanlan left, and she engraved the final journey of her short 30-year life on the land of Yeji village forever, leaving us infinite nostalgia. And her extraordinary motto of doing ordinary things well triggered my endless deep thinking.

Jin Lanlan is great. Her noble character, broad feelings and selfless spirit all reflect her greatness; Jin Lanlan is ordinary, and she is conscientious, in fact, the piles made are nothing more than what an auditor and a village official should do.

This reminds me of some people and things around me.

For a long time, I always have the impulse to write about people and things around me, but every time I feel these things are too ordinary, and nowadays the public’s sense of identity to audit is not ideal, thought audit in addition to eating and drinking is someone trouble. As a result, every time we lost confidence, we quickly dismissed the idea, and then we had to feel that our audit work was too ordinary. We felt that the audit was not vigorous and immortal except being easy to offend others, there is only obscurity year after year. Until I saw the deeds of Jin Lanlan and knew the motto of Jin Lanlan, those trivial things happened around me emerged immediately, which reminded me of their difficulties, recalling their extraordinary.

My thoughts stopped on the audit of social security funds soon, and stopped in those years that I didn’t know how to describe. In the first half of this year, the social security fund audit was carried out nationwide. I had the honor to be the liaison officer of this audit work, and accompanied the audit team throughout the audit work. I spent more than two months’ extra-staff audit time, over 60 days and nights, I witnessed the hardships of auditors away from their units, their hometowns and their relatives, their difficulties and their helplessness, witnessed their ordinary and extraordinary.

There are 9 members of the audit team coming to our county. Let me introduce them to everyone first.

East Brother. Senior Auditor, audit team leader. My father-in-law was paralyzed in bed after brain disease surgery, and my son was in primary school. I am a well-known son-in-law at home.

Viagra. Auditor, deputy director of a county Bureau, deputy head of the audit team. My mother was half paralyzed after cervical vertebra disease surgery, and my daughter was facing the college entrance examination. Viagra was the mother’s baby son since childhood, and also a famous filial son.

zhen ge. The auditor, who is over 50 years old, and his father, who is 80 or 90 years old, is also an old revolutionary. He stays in bed for a long time, and usually the brothers have to take turns to watch the night.

Long Ge. There are nearly 60 people. The old mother suffers from senile dementia, and both brothers and sisters are in other places. The old mother depends on his husband and wife to take care of them.

xing zi. My son is about to get married, and the house is being decorated at home. He was the backbone of his family, and many things left his family without proposals.

Afang. A woman in her thirties, whose son is only 7 years old, is in the first grade of primary school. Her greatest happiness is that she can chat with her son when she is free every day and ask about her son’s learning situation.

Lingling. A college graduate who just entered the audit system

Here I want to quote a sentence from brother Dong, that is, I am most afraid that the team members will receive phone calls from home. One of them, brother Long received a call from his family, saying that his mother was lost and he was so anxious that brother Long became an ant on a hot pan. Fortunately, he received a call soon saying that he had found it, A stone hanging in the hearts of all people fell to the ground. There were more calls from Xingzi. Once even a car came to ask him to go back at night, and he was sent back the next morning. Even brother Dong can occasionally receive calls from his wife crying. Alas! It was just such a team that the ringing of a phone would affect every team member’s heart at any time, which not only completed the audit task ahead of time, but also achieved the audit work goal, and the project they implemented also won the excellence of the provincial system. All kinds of hardships, efforts and sacrifices are self-evident.

For parents, who doesn’t want to be filial, for lovers, who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves, for children, who doesn’t want to devote themselves, for family happiness, and who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves! However, they, our auditors, can’t. The only thing they can do is to do their best and duty, strive to finish the task as soon as possible and reunite with their families as soon as possible, in order to get a short stay in the harbor, because what is waiting for them is the next station, the next project. According to Dong Ge, in the past two or ten years after entering the audit, the longest time at home is not more than 100 days in total, and the longest time at home can be more than 290 days in a year.

Speaking of this, I still want to tell you a true story about the helplessness and trifles of the auditors. All I want is just that Lingling, she is a 90 after the university graduates, through public examination into audit system. If you hadn’t met her on the street or somewhere else, you would have thought she was a middle school student, because from the perspective of appearance, she is a middle school student even more than a middle school student. But don’t underestimate this middle school student. It is this weak and literary girl. Her role in the audit team cannot be replaced by others, it is not too much for her to be described as a computer expert. She only needs to input a few computer languages for those forms and data, and reverse them, you can’t count the data for several months or even half a year by hand. It only takes a few minutes for her to handle it. To be fair, this kind of miracle cannot be created by I am in any case.

Honestly, before for 90 s I am some views of, always think now of one-child spoiled kids, work yangaoshoudi, is more self-and can not stand the wind and rain, this point was actually verified by Lingling at the beginning. I remember that when the audit team just entered Ningdu, it was probably because of the acclimatization, or the change of seasons in winter and spring. Most of the audit team members were ill, especially Lingling had a severe cold and fever. When she was sick, she would see a doctor to take medicine and give an injection, but this Lingling just refused to give an injection. It was said that she would get dizzy because her mother was a nurse, she also said that she had not let anyone else give an injection except her mother. For this reason, brother Dong criticized her severely, and even wanted to change someone to drive her back. But in addition to crying her nose, Lingling still persisted in not hitting the bottle. Seeing this situation, I even began to worry that our next generation would become like this. What should we do in the future of our country. But on second thought, Lingling was actually a child. Many people of her age even spoiled their parents! Fortunately, the young man had strong resistance. After a few days, she was fine. Until later, I saw her modest and studious attitude towards audit business and courteous attitude towards others, The calm and calm response to the problem and the skillful operation of the computer made me feel that I was indeed old, and it was time to give way to the younger generation.

In addition to these things of Lingling, there were actually many other touching cases during the whole audit process, of course, those cases were not as special as those reported in newspapers and periodicals, such as fighting tigers and brothers going on the stage with father and son soldiers and couples, etc. They were just some cases such as checking accounts day and night, coming to investigate in the wind and rain, the daily work and ordinary cases like working overtime to write reports and giving up small families for everyone seem to be a little hard to handle and plain to say. However, it is these daily work and ordinary examples that have created our extraordinary audit career.

In fact, not only auditing, but also other industries. Most and most people are just doing daily work and ordinary things, and it is these ordinary work, ordinary life and trivial things have made extraordinary achievements and created the development and revitalization of our entire Chinese nation. Just as Jin Lanlan said: doing ordinary things well is extraordinary!

Of course, I also think of Lu Yao’s “Ordinary World”, a famous literary place.

Therefore, we must face up to the ordinary!

(2012 10 16)

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