Coming and going

Coming and going

Looking at the people coming and going, the wet ground splashing with rain, and the slightly cool heart. The world is very noisy, but I am quiet. Walking in the rain, the leaves shook a few drops of water, blurring the glasses. It was in a rainy season that I met my strange uncle. In

Yizui, misty rain, Ren Pingsheng

Autumn rain. Finally, it ushered in the first rain in early autumn, which lasted for a day and a night. According to the weather forecast, it will continue to rain moderately tomorrow. I like Su Shi’s feeling of rain and rain very much, and I respect the calmness of moving forward peacefully in the wind

Moonlit Night

Riverside tidal even sea level, Sea Moon total tide living. There are thousands of miles of fluff and fluff, where there is no moon in the Spring River. The river flows around Fangdian, and the moon shines like a graupel. The Frost flew unconsciously in the air, and the white sand on the Ting could

My stream

My stream

Mountain streams and streams, tinkling, trickle. It doesn’t have the surging of rivers or the magnificence of waterfalls, but there is no lack of firmness in its slender and weak, and it has faith in its weakness. It is not afraid of the blocking of mountains and stones, nor greedy for the quiet of the

Superficial said attitudes

I remember that the first time I contacted this fake word when I was a child was about the puppet army and Wang puppet government. At that time, I was confused in my mind. I don’t know what it meant? With the growth of age and the expansion of reading, I finally understand its true

You are my blue Yan

For many years, you always ask on some casual occasion, are we missing when we were young? I have repeated it many times, no! You are my destined friend in my life. Apart from this friendship, the rest becomes family affection. We walked through those colorful years of youth together; A girl who was held