Superficial said attitudes

I remember that the first time I contacted this fake word when I was a child was about the puppet army and Wang puppet government. At that time, I was confused in my mind. I don’t know what it meant? With the growth of age and the expansion of reading, I finally understand its true

You are my blue Yan

For many years, you always ask on some casual occasion, are we missing when we were young? I have repeated it many times, no! You are my destined friend in my life. Apart from this friendship, the rest becomes family affection. We walked through those colorful years of youth together; A girl who was held

Listen, the sound of the night

Listen, the sound of the night

When I opened my eyes, the ceiling was blank and my head was blank. No nightmare, no thunder, no movement, but wake up without reason, and then insomnia without reason. Open the quilt, let the air-conditioner breathe out into the bed, a little trembling, sleepiness faded. Walking out of the room, I suddenly felt that

Fleeting time, never broken

Fleeting time, never broken

The old days are printed with mottled paint! Standing in the memory, there were only gray negatives everywhere, and those bright fleeting times in the past were also shocked to pieces by this flowing time! It’s the sentimental rainy season again. The sound of raindrops outside the window and the whistle in the distance are

Before you fly up, please learn to take root first-to the university that is about to set foot on the workplace.

Director Wen, please allow me to ask a question first: If I pass the interview today, how much salary can your company give me every month? At the interview table, a girl was very confident to ask such a question before my interviewer said a word. To be honest, I appreciate her confidence and frankness.

How much time do we have?

This day still came, and I never had the courage to send you to the station. I always miss you and cannot judge. Dear, can you feel my call? If you can hear my wishes to you, come back early. We don’t have much time left. We don’t know what will happen in the future,