Su Shi Jinnian, also used to die for you, etc.

I used to prefer myself to be a pear flower, just because I could cling to it. Now. Through that era of floating and wild horses, things are different. Original own but a windfalls residual flap, no branch can be. I bit. My spare time is used to recall. What I often recall are all

Zizhenziyin drunk life

The noise of the day and the rush of people disturbed the quiet and comfortable, and the chaos missed the once dense feelings. Yelouxiaobian strong, Yuet ru lian, hustle dust floor. Drink in the past, drink in the past, the passing years, carved in the hovering palm prints, printed in the quiet eyes, buried in

May lost not to come back

To learn such a sentence, or an inscription, a slogan, or an instruction. It used to be the main melody of a certain era, resounding through the land of China and spreading all over every corner. That person was also popular all over the country, and his family was well-known. He also became an example

Not everyone can treat you like this

Can you grasp it in your heart, then you will feel that quarrels are sweet, can you put down your body, I can not even have dignity, and you, if you don’t love, no matter how it is hurt, if you don’t love me, I regret this morning, dear, you have already turned me into

Farewell Yichang literary world

The moderator of Yichang literary world on is my first moderator on the Internet. I am senior netizen of Donghu Community. I saw the hometown forum —– Honghu Forum has been posted zero for many days. The old moderator did not serve the netizens for many days, and the advertising posts of the forum

Disease random thoughts

Today Lantern Festival, window firecrackers deafening. I can’t see the beautiful fireworks passing through the night sky and the full moon, so I can only imagine how colorful they are in my heart, because I am lying in bed and I am ill. Since he was a little weak and sickly, he had been dubbed

Night, I fell in love with it

The night came quietly. On a night like spring, the night was hazy, the moonlight was soft, and the sky decorated with stars was shining with a little afterglow. The night in the city is not quiet, and it is still noisy. For the city night people who like the night owl life, it is