Stay together

Suddenly, I really want to find someone to stay. Suddenly, I really want to find someone to stay together for a lifetime, quarrel for a lifetime, love for a lifetime, pain for a lifetime, hate for a lifetime …. look through my missing, wash away the years, let the years pass by, time changes, you

Those songs that have washed my soul

In the evening, when listening to the radio, I heard an old song “single Love Song” which was once very popular. Maybe it is because November 11th is coming, so it is specially played. I have not listened to this song for many years. More than ten years ago, this song was quite popular. At

To today’s commemoration

Today last year, because of destiny, you and I met each other. In the days to come, we will gradually know each other. I didn’t expect that two people who had never met before would get to know each other, know each other and meet each other because of the Internet. Maybe this is the

I feel the capacity of classroom teaching of quality education

After listening to classes for nearly two years, the author thinks that there has been a strange phenomenon in Chinese teaching in the past two years. That is, many teachers put the contents of the previous two or three classes into one class to finish in order to pursue the large capacity of classroom teaching,

Strip Me (1)

Three points are talent, three points are thought, three points are endurance. This is the most pertinent, accurate and highest comment on me in the past 40 years. My wife, who likes to talk with me, agrees with me after thinking carefully. It was my mentor who taught and lived that. He also said a

The heart’s flame

If the brain is prone to fever, if there is no perseverance, the result is that the fever is often reduced several times faster than the fever. I am such a person. Accidentally, I saw the information about recruiting teachers for summer training courses on the Internet, and my brain became hot again. If you

How to continue, how to end?

Time is just a wound. It hurts Huaichun and sad autumn. It hurts falling dreams and quiet. The brushwork of youth has been finished, and the hidden worries of prosperity can no longer be continued. For the melodiousness of a car, it is the extravagant hope that I never dare to have. Even if it