Reading theater, proper

Looking through “the world’s words”, what can’t be forgotten is of course that period of great career and university question, which must go through three states: Last night, the West Wind withered green trees, and the tall buildings alone, looking forward to the end of the world, this first level is also. I will never

Dream of yu yi

The rain was gentle and quiet, and the dry mountain streams and ravines were singing again. The pale pine needles and willow leaves were made up of bright green. The spring is full, and the spring rain is timely, just like a string of music and music. In the ever-changing rain, the feeling and scene

Rain thoughts

Leaning against the window, looking at the rain, I did not move. It has been a long time since the beginning of spring, but the sunshine has not shown any trace, and has not stepped forward, ignoring our expectation. Quietly listening to the sound of raindrops falling, ticking up the music, watching the string of

Rare Moonlight lonely

Suddenly, we entered this place with mountains and water. Temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What accompanied us were the beautiful and clean asphalt roads, the gorgeous mountain flowers along the roadside and the trees that could not be named. We breathed the air mixed with all kinds of flowers and

Rain, thinking

Rain, thinking

Tonight, the drizzle is quiet, the pillow is a song of love flowing far away, and the dream is full of love waves. In the summer night, there is no wind and quiet waves, the light rain is falling down without thoughts, the heart is also like a lonely rain curtain, and there is no

Wheat cooked

The hot sun was exactly the season of wheat harvest. I imagined the rumbling sound of machines in the wheat fields in my hometown, and the villagers who couldn’t close their mouths with laughter on the ground. I couldn’t help feeling gratified. I still remember that when I was a child, a new girl in

Spring of Lightning

The rain in spring hesitated in the air, leaving the distant sky covered with layers of thick clouds. I went back and forth along that monotonous route: from summer to winter and then to spring, the same leaves hung on the trees on both sides of the road or in the distant mountains; Let alone