Interesting childhood 14 jia yu

In my childhood, there were many interesting things related to fish, which were really countless. But there are some things that I can’t forget about my good friend who has been with me for many years, or the woman who has loved me. It is deeply buried in my heart, lingering. It doesn’t look like

A song singing friendship

A song singing friendship — Bingwen in the flowing sand river of time, youth is a kind of beauty emerging and a kind of pure yearning. When we experienced a lot of ups and downs in life, the good times and youth gave us a new feeling and aftertaste. There was a quiet river flowing

Tonight no rain

When the Twilight came, the night in the mountain village seemed very quiet. Sometimes a few faint barking came from the distance, breaking the empty night and the breeze blowing. There is no rain tonight, but I am waiting for the coming of rain here. The orange warning signal of rainstorm in recent days tightens

Bright depression

The sophisticated world is in the world, only to move forward with the footsteps of the public. It’s just that the past of a woman who lost her virginity is sad. I still remember the past, thoughts and moods, nostalgia is not the reason for sighing, I am just inexplicable sentimental. How many changes do

My humble place (the other one)

Last night, I dreamed of my grandmother, who was very peaceful and warm, as if it was not a dream, but a reality. My dream is always full of sadness and tears after my grandmother just passed away. Later, it turned out to be fear and fear. Now it is as kind and real as

Mind and hear what

I will continue to stay with this city in another way I went out at 6 o’clock in the morning and came back at almost 8 o’clock in the evening. From beginning to end, I only welcomed myself with silence; Since I went to college, on weekends… [Original essay] string words Since winter, the sky

There is a kind of collapse called No comfort

It is true that I am in a bad mood. I said it was inexplicable, but I knew it clearly in my heart. I just didn’t want to describe it in words, which would accelerate my collapse; Or I dared not to tell anyone the reason, fearing that those who didn’t understand would make me

A letter from a strange woman

In countless sleepless nights, I stared at the night with my eyes wide open. Anxiety and fear covered my eyes. Yes, I am not willing to sleep like this. I fell asleep, one day passed, and another day was coming. Me at a loss. I can’t say clearly what I’m afraid of, and I can’t

Love gives corner

Some people say that a mood can describe the smile of some people, which may not be enough. A song can sing some people’s heartbreaking, which may not be enough. A film can describe the ups and downs of some people, which may not be enough. A documentary can engrave some people’s subtle changes, which