Listening to music at midnight: Saying goodbye should not be in autumn

In this quiet midnight, I leaned against the screen and listened to a song “Say goodbye should not be in autumn” sung by Li Yaxin and Prince Yue men and women hand in hand. Saying goodbye shouldn’t be in autumn it’s our first meeting lovesickness the warmth like spring you will always say goodbye shouldn’t

Charity, tolerance is

Life is alive, and I suffer some kind of injustice and injustice all the time. Mr. Ma said, wronged again Big than the “Dragon Eight” in Qiao Feng, wronged again Big than the “Swordsman” in Linghu Chong. How can a person judge his mind without being wronged. Because the measurement standard of mind should be

Beautiful is a kind of imagination

I remember that I once saw a cartoon in which two neighbors were transforming tables at home. Party a changed the square table into a round table and thought the Round Table was beautiful. Party B changed the round table into a square table and thought the square table was beautiful, imitating each other. There

Life sentiment essays three

Sometimes, I was thinking that maybe the original idea was a mistake. I shouldn’t transfer my registered permanent residence to Shenzhen because the pace and pressure of life here are too great. Life and work are too tight. Nearly broke my. After living for such a long time, I saw many people around me rising

Light rain knock window

Light rain knock window

Light rain knocks on the window a night of rain, ticking, ticking, Didi, answering rain baptize willow leaves New, willow leaves green willow leaves new, light rain dressing Willow is more beautiful, strips of willow branches and eyebrows, breeze Fushun Willow waist is beautiful, the Willow waist is floating, the willow is more beautiful, the


Time wasted, the vicissitudes of life, the dirty life gradually annihilated my pure eyes and simple heart. Pure and innocent is getting farther and farther away from myself, but trying to find it back is always blocked by reality. There are smoke waves, ups and downs in life, thorns in the ditch, joys and sorrows,

I can’t wait for you, I’m leaving

As night falls, the sky is cloudy and calm. The drizzle drizzle occasionally, the coolness and sadness of the silk. I walked alone on the path surrounded by green, unspeakable loneliness or loneliness. The vast sea of people, it is fortunate to meet you; It is fortunate to know you more; It is fortunate to