Who is my 12000th visitor in QQ space

From 2009 nian 1 yue 12 ri 13:56 open QQ SPACE since it was my divorce after soul home, is also my soul. The world has its own true feelings, and I am bathed in the love of everyone. I often linger here! I have entertained guests from all over the world and made many

Those who managed to escape text

There is a secret city in everyone’s heart. This city is very large, like a beautiful unknown kingdom. We are the master of this city and the king of this kingdom. Our inner world is secretive, like the boundless sky. I don’t know how high and wide it is. It is also like the bottomless


The shadows of the past in the time gradually overlap, and we can’t see clearly the fleeting time when the green color was singing softly. Even embarrassment is in vain in the desolate and strange atmosphere. The familiar once was burnt ruthlessly by strangers. The gesture of a comfortable smile. Tell each other. Our respective

In March, I have a discussion with the text

In March, when the night was dim, the breeze passed, the rain was fine, the willow branches were shaking lightly, the water sounded leisurely, wearing a green shirt and walking alone on the shore, the world of mortals walked slowly like clouds. Flowers are like smoke clouds. People feel that life is so short until

Zifei fish, how can you know that it is sad and happy?

The clear river is rippling, and the fish swim around with their tails. Some people say, see how happy it is! I retorted with a smile, “you are not a fish, how can you know that it is happy and sad? Most of the time, what is displayed in front of people is always the


Blink of an eye, and have been wandering for nearly a month in the loss of time. Unconsciously, August has come to an end again. For many people, the new semester is about to begin. It’s just me, but I’m still looking back, the time I ‘ve passed. Stumbling, ignorant and persistent in the fleeting

Happiness comes from the feeling

In the years of great famine and poverty, people can also feel some profound happiness. At that time, what everyone pursued was expecting to have a full meal and add a bowl of hot rice. Pour a spoonful of lard and soy sauce, sit in front of the stone steps in the hall door and

Stew a bowl of chicken soup to nourish the soul

Stew a bowl of chicken soup to nourish the soul

Cloudy sky, gray clouds, a rainstorm, the coolness gathered together gave birth to loneliness and love dearly. The dispute with him left a lot of sentimental feelings. The passing years, the past time, how many tender feelings were ruined into a scene of devastation. -Wen: before the window, the cold and deep mist lingered on

Wrote to text

One I am a person who believes in feelings because of words. For literary creators and characters, their feelings are just like people. When I first read the text, the feeling of the text is the reader’s feeling of the author. When I started to write words, I would imagine what my readers would feel