Morning Glory Ah morning glory

The rain last night completely faded the spring, and all the flowers disappeared overnight. However, summer followed the footsteps of Miss Chun slowly. Although it came a little late, there was no shyness of spring at all. The dazzling green color was the evidence. The rain made the Originally dry field fertile. The mushroom top

Illness raving

I didn’t have any mental preparation and got sick. I suddenly felt dizzy, blurred vision, and even couldn’t walk stably. At the beginning, I thought it was just hypoglycemia and dizziness. Drink sugar water, try to walk, what’s the matter? If this body was not his own, he really couldn’t help it, and even dared

Rain of happiness

For so many years, I always thought that God would say hello when it rains. In other words, weather forecast makes us develop the problem of dependence. It says that if the weather is sunny, we will be bright; If it says thunderstorm, we will bring umbrellas; If it says ice and snow, we will

Also said indifferent to fame and wealth

If we think about it carefully, comparing with where they go and the grandiose career they have done for people, it is just the best excuse for some people to comfort themselves. In fact, no one has the desire to advance in the world. Since ancient times, people have been studying for the purpose of