On the way, we all have an old face

In the morning, I woke up in the struggle of nightmare. I opened the notebook and threw myself into the soft chair. The open skirt spread all over the floor immediately. The speaker that sees QQ messages keeps flashing, click on. But I saw a long-lost friend. I was a little touched when I saw

I learning write small novel

During quite a long period of time, I loved writing prose and had a special liking. However, during this period of time, I was very interested in writing small novels. I thought that I would like to explore in many aspects, this is also a kind of interest and hobby! I have learned relevant materials

There is no trace of time, only words accompany

Life in a foreign land always makes me feel a little disappointed. The complicated work and life inevitably make me feel confused. Watching and expecting crazily every day has gradually become a bad habit, and the years are always passing quietly by by accident, which is so ridiculous, playful and fancy, the days of confusion


Walking on the tree-lined Stone Road in the community, the clouds in the West are moving. People who come back one after another are twos and threes. The green grass is very clean, and two yellow and fat dogs are chasing each other twisting their hips. It was dusk, and the sky was still on,

Love you a million years

This is the name of a song. How can you pay attention to this vulgar lyrics? Love is the most unpredictable thing. Why can you love someone for ten thousand years? The space and time are uncertain, people are even more uncertain. Ten thousand years is too long, and we should seize every minute. This

Life is not always happy

People always like beautiful being apart, no matter men and women; Always like beautiful enervating views, whether true or false; Always liked happy happy situation, whether elegant and vulgar; Always like to make people warm things, whether noble and humble sunny day, to quiet, as Tan Quan water, no waves, this feeling, unmanned and co.