Wu in between the mountains and rivers

Author: Xu Dongfeng in April this year, I was invited to the south to attend a quality seminar. When I came back, I visited a famous scenic spot in Jiangnan by the way. On the morning of the second day after the meeting, the three of us began to climb the mountain and watch the

Dry-looking orange

It became like this, wrinkled and dull, lifeless without water color. It was an orange, dried and withered. I was thirsty at night, looking for drinks everywhere. There was nothing, so I had to boil water. In the cupboard, it was quietly huddled in a plate. How long it had been, I can’t remember, it

Suomo River suomo

I love the rivers in my hometown, the grass and trees, and the four seasons of the year. The bottom of the Qing Dynasty, the bank of the Somo River-the Somo River-my lovely hometown is beside you by the river-the land growing up in the memory of the Somo River-home, I always wanted to walk

Beautiful from the early morning

Wake up in the alarm and prepare breakfast as soon as possible. Ah, delicious and nutritious milk, steamed eggs with pork sauce and green beans. PA, PA, I clapped my hands habitually, got up, got up! The children didn’t respond. After shaking them again, the daughter slowly sat up rubbing Xing Song’s sleeping eyes. The

I am still me, just become more……

I am still me. I just become more tearful. Can I dilute everything? Why are I am in this world so cowardly and at a loss? What is the soul? I am just a body! No thought, no soul, no courage, no hehe, I am nothing! What else can I do? I can’t escape from

This summer of Grace

Look at the calendar, beginning of autumn. The days are passing day by day. Looking at the sun, it is already the light of autumn. The sunshine fell down on the top of the mountain, which was broken silks and satins, golden and thin, sprinkled on the weeping willows, on the river, on the quiet