Spring, how are you?

You know, since you told me your name, I have never been stingy. Today, in the Sunny Sun which is close to May, I hold it out gracefully, letting the long-lost coolness warm my heart. I am reluctant to use this word. In fact, it is not only to stop in your heart, but also

I like autumn

The company wants to move to a spacious and bright office and workshop, and the mood is naturally very bright. The middle-level meeting of the company was held, and mobilization was arranged. There were young leaders and senior leaders. It could be seen that everyone was in a good mood. At the meeting, I talked

Such as water of night

Counting by fingers, I have been on Fushou Mountain for the sixth time, and stayed at Fushi mountain villa for more than ten nights. I like the night of Fushou Mountain, not only because of the high altitude here, the hot summer and autumn season can make you enjoy the cool and comfortable as spring;

Girl, listen to me.

Living means all kinds of helplessness and trouble. Don’t lose your temper at will, no one owes you. Learn to tolerate those who hurt themselves, because they are very poor. Everyone has his own difficulties, and everyone is not easy. Although I have a bad temper, I know how to respect people. In my opinion,

Sense of Direction

In my hometown, covering my eyes and making me turn around for more than a dozen times, I can still tell the southeast and northwest accurately, just by feeling. However, it was not the case when I left my hometown to go to college in the provincial capital 200 miles away. At that time, I

Maybe just a moment

Because my eunuch was hospitalized for surgery, he hurried to the hospital after morning self-study. When he arrived at the ward, people in the same ward said that he had entered the operating room. I climbed to the 8th floor, sitting outside the operating room with many patients’ families and so on. Before anesthesia, the