Stay the lights dim

Fifteen yuan night, stars like rain, Phoenix Xiao move, Jade pot turn. At the dim light, the profile of the woman in Yuanxi looked like a surprise; Many years later, Su Lizhen in “In the Mood for Love” smiled lightly like a dragonfly in the dim yellow and ambiguous light at the corner, we are

Yao Ming

Looking at several chapters of Mr. Shen Congwen’s “Candle Deficiency”, it seemed that he was in the furnace. Mr. Ren burnt my soul to pieces with Wuming real fire. Take the lead in creating fog and eliminating the secular atmosphere; Take it as relics and hide the essence of heaven and earth; Finally, Nirvana, sublimation

Face up to ordinary

I like reading books and newspapers because I like writing. Because I am loyal to my own duty, I always study audit business seriously, so I often pay attention to audit publications, so I love “China audit”, so I must read every issue of this publication which is favored by few people at present. Speaking

Listen to music at midnight: I miss you in my dream

When the night was quiet, people were immersed in their sweet dreams. For me, it was the Cold Moon full of windows. People were sleepless, tossing and turning on the bed without sleepiness. They sat alone by the window and looked at the sky at midnight. Countless lonely and helpless days and nights, what accompanied

Loneliness is a realm

Lonely? Some people say that loneliness is a kind of feeling, an emotion; Others say that loneliness is a kind of concentration of personality, a kind of lonely sorrow, and a kind of manifestation of the shade. We say loneliness is actually a state of mind. People who are busy with gains and losses in

Party and sense

This merchant friend of mine drove his own car, dressed in famous brand clothes, and the gold chain on his neck was shining, which further showed the glory of his career. Apart from being surprised, I could only sigh with sorrow. Because there is another friend of mine who has a glorious title like me