Moment of feeling

Moment of feeling

Inscription: moments of life, work, eating, sleeping, reading, and many moments, we will feel like Sparks, maybe not truth, but close to the true meaning of life! 1. Read the new story of the world at night and know the Seven Sages of bamboo forest. They are all different from ordinary people. Be familiar with

As the saying goes, feeding village — lazy people don’t go out, and the weather is not sunny when going out

Lazy people naturally eat and do nothing. They either eat or sleep all day long, or they are idle and wandering around. In the village, people often laugh lazy but not poor. As long as people are poor and ambitious, they will still be respected by people. Although some families are poor, when you walk

Floral gradually far, heart still

At the end of May, gardenia flowers are blooming, and the heart of May stops in the fragrance of flowers. She stood at the port of June, looking back at the dribs and drabs of May, her heart seemed to be very heavy, an unprecedented pressure hit her shoulder, just a little bit, she has

Women, learn to love themselves.

Woman such as flower. Flowers bloom fingertips, residual red patches. The season when women look good is always short. I don’t know when, wrinkles quietly climb up the once delicate face. Aging is the natural growth cycle of cells, and no one can change it. Applying layers of cosmetics is just a cover on the

The whole summer

After days of drought, I didn’t expect that the rain would be one after another after autumn. Too much rain diluted the drought and the temperature in the air, and also calmed down the fidgety and busy crowd. Nature is also the air conditioner of the soul, which adjusts the seasonal changes of a person’s

The reason why I like a song

Sometimes, in the long night, in some sad and lonely time, when the music rings in the ear, the long-lost touch suddenly returns to the bottom of my heart, and the numb heartstrings are suddenly touched, I understand this feeling is like it. At such a moment, there are only lingering notes in my world.

No longer fragile tightly locked door

The greatest sorrow in the world is no more than death of heart. Today, I chatted with a good friend on Q, and he said something to me. I suddenly found that everything was my own passion, and I was just a little shield. The next day, I really thought that I hurt her heart

Parting is cherry blossom

Parting is cherry blossom

Peach Blossom Spring is warm first, and it is bright and beautiful. I wanted to go to Taohua village to enjoy the rosy spring of a tree at the foot of the Daqing Mountain, and to experience the taste of the face of peach flowers reflecting red. I was pulled into the car to the