The telecommunication bureau called to inform me that the balance was insufficient, so I quickly typed the money. In addition to being surprised, I called to ask about the two mobile phones sent by the telecom company, one of which had overrun Internet traffic and had to stop the phone. After inquiring, my son used

Walking on the edge, memory is deep and dotted (1)

I have been appreciating and admiring the man who makes people fight to the end of the world, walking on the edge of the society, with endless passion, no fear of wind, Frost, rain and snow, walking all over the world with one heart and one mind, and the reputation of Justice is famous, I

Walk in between heaven and earth

My life time was in the ancient town of Mengli water town in the south of the Yangtze River, where there were hundreds of officials. Behind me, there used to be small bridges and flowing water, white walls and tiles, flying willows, plum blossoms spitting incense, and a tranquil scenery. The water winds down from

A childhood after 70 s

My son grew up day by day, and unconsciously, he was already in the third grade of primary school. When I go to school to pick up and pick up children every day, I always feel that today’s children are too hard to see parents surrounding the school gate and watching their children leave and

Turned easy to forget difficult

Turning around is so light, elegant and natural, but walking away is so heavy. In this turbulent world, in this vast net sea, in this space home piled up with words, meeting is a kind of beautiful love. A touching article, a passionate text, an emotional word; Let two strangers who are far away meet

Everything is done……

Spring elimination snow Spring elimination snow, multi-the yao nian, unspoken. Reading from afar, it is just above that snowfield. The snow is really beautiful, after all it is spring… Waiting Waiting is a kind of persistence, sticking to a certain belief and never giving up. Maybe because of a certain commitment, or because of a