30 years old, I want to tell myself

At this time, at the age of 30, I was occasionally scared when I was young and regretful when time went by. This inexplicable feeling made me sad and surprised secretly. Was it because of the gradual discomfort of enthusiasm? Or, happy on a quiet day? It is unknown that 30 years of fleeting time

Life needs to be put down constantly

In life, people often complain about the hardship of life, the difficulty of life and the unfairness of fate. The income is meager, but the price is constantly rising. I have paid a lot, but I can’t get what I deserve. What I thought should belong to myself ended up in other homes. How can

Be a true self

In today’s materialistic world, it seems that all people have been weakened, and the tide of following the trend is eroding the real foundation. Holding the stale concept of thousands of years and guarding the memorial tablet of the old master, he was unwilling to walk out of the house to enjoy such a magnificent

Jiujiang Capriccio

The West Lake in Hangzhou and the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou have been a city full of mystery since ancient times. Her green, her mountain, her water and her beauty are intoxicating. How many people in the world come here at all costs thousands of miles to see the charming appearance. In February of

ba yue Peter Shore

A PHOTOALBUM this is my first photo album. Online shopping, dark blue cover, yellow petals intertwined with black shading. It reminds me of the crimson clouds which were crumpled like silk threads in the evening sky. It has collected 200 photos of two years of college, each of which is a story. Therefore, I always

As the saying goes, feeding village — eating and dressing

Rural people live a simple life, especially when it comes to spending money. They always pay attention to doing what they can, and they don’t put on airs to dress up the facade. Take eating as an example. Even if you eat meat at a time, I don’t have that condition, and the flour paste

I feel so painful that I want to cry, but I can only laugh foolishly

In Liaoyang this year, it still didn’t warm up at the end of March. The North Wind from Nowhere blew me cold. I sat in the empty shop, took a cup of boiled water for myself, dried it, and browsed the space while drinking. Suddenly, saw such an article entitled “Women’s College students unbearable employment

Summer of melancholy

After knocking the keyboard for several hours, the neck and shoulders were sleepy and sour. It was already summer, and the sweater on my body still couldn’t resist the cold of the room. Standing on the balcony and looking at it, the sky was gray, and the mountains on the opposite side were somewhat melancholy