Waiting in persistence, waiting in waiting

Ten years of waiting, ten years of persistence, when there is only one step away from success, there is a trace of melancholy in my heart. Decade very long. There are not many ten years in life, let alone the most precious and youthful ten years. Waiting for bitter. Life is not afraid of failure,

That day, I stood under Li Shu

That day, I stood under Li Shu, Li Ye Lianlian, covering the sun, mottled sunlight, and the figure was more than enough. That day, I stood under the Li tree, with insects singing and birds singing, willow trees Yangyang, well water clear, duckweed letters. On that day, I stood under Li Shu, with deep voices,

The power of confidence [one inside]]

Literature for me is a little delicate. Life passable, go study else. Of course, I and not obsessed with negative Entertainment. Self-cultivation, literature not calligraphy; Chance of riches, literature not lottery; Exercise our brain, and literature not Chess. Young, literature just dream. Life unhappy life while, literature school on the small handy off steam emotional,

Vicissitudes of time vicissitudes of people — feelings of the 80’s generation

Unconsciously, it has been 26 years. After several ups and downs in the vicissitudes of life, I feel more and more like myself now. The innocent and ignorant smile on his face was gone in return for the professional and hypocritical smile hanging on his face every day. In the past, I always imagined that

Autumn thoughts

I stand in the wind when I stare at the harvest in the golden autumn on the day when fallen leaves are flying. Taste the rhythm of autumn wind and the thoughts of rain carefully with eyes and soul. There is an impulse of life and passion of youth in the fervent chest. Walking on

The original dream

My fate and I are like a kite, which seems to fly freely. In fact, there is a God pulling me with an invisible thread. However, God is also very busy. He holds countless threads. Sometimes, I will forget me temporarily, so occasionally I will feel that my life goal is vague and seems to