West Side Story Jiangnan

Just like waking up from a dream, I saw someone else’s article Jiangnan, and the emotion hidden in the bottom of my heart was blocked in my heart, which was graceful! The south of the Yangtze River in my dream came along in the history. I knocked my dream open and whispered softly, asking me

Wood Log Keeper

In Guigang, wooden fields can be seen in places with roads. Wooden yard is our general term for some wood processing plants, which includes planing plant, pressure plate plant, wood core plant, handle sweeping plant and so on. Due to the low investment and simple production process of the wooden yard, it is often to

Life is but a dream, life as dream

On the last day of March, though it was still spring, and it was still my favorite season, and the Azalea still didn’t bloom all over the hillside, but my mood suddenly changed. With the hot season, with the strong sunshine and the coming of spring, I have strengthened my dream and accelerated the pace

With tears of happiness

The topic of my speech is happiness with tears. To be honest, standing on this podium today is not so much a speech as a basking in my mood and talking to my colleagues about the happiness with tears in teaching. Since this semester, the classes I have taken are Class 6 and class 7

Osmanthus long

Close your eyes, in the soothing music, the busy heart for many days suddenly felt much quiet. However, I vaguely felt something was missing. Thinking carefully, it turned out that there was no fragrance of osmanthus in the yard for a long time. At this time, it should be the season of sweet osmanthus fragrance.

Listen to the rain mind

As wrapped as cotton, as Silk as yarn, as floating as weaving. The blue dress that got wet at night poured out the sound of frogs in the field, and wiped out the small lanterns that went home at night. You said, without frog quarrel and Firefly disturbance, this is the peace that really belongs

A person, a symbol of an era

A person, a symbol of an era

He picked up the book in his hand and looked at the author’s theory works of the old Ba Jin. The old Ba Jin’s books were a kind of theory writing style that he liked. He always felt that he looked at the theory of the old man, it gives people a kind and considerate