Cruel, cannot bear

One or go to Sangke prairie to gallop thousands of miles like a wild horse, dreaming of the sky. Or go to Qinghai Lake to see the cleanest heart of the Earth. Butter Flowers, murals and embroideries in the Ta’er Temple are what I yearn. I yearned to perform in the cruel April without moving

Fragrance comes from the food

One day in June of 2016, it was summer, and the earth under the scorching sun was breathing like smoke. My third cousin looked at several shops eagerly, and finally rented a front room in the small street, and started the grain and oil business which was matched with that of his hometown cheerfully. At

Pregnant with old love knot

I don’t know whether it is because the world is changing so fast, or it is because of the unforgettable possession. When the wave of time comes silently, I can see the glittering fragments of missing scattered on the beach of memory. I know, have a unspoken feeling called nostalgia. I don’t know when to

Memento picking up of five

There was a madman in the neighboring village two miles away next door who often wandered around several nearby villages. The madman has a strong figure, a full face of beard, a thin face, a little yellowish, but his eyes are very vivid. Sometimes you can have a glance at you without any purpose, which

Free and easy, make life more bright

Every time we open our sleepy eyes and usher in a new day, everyone’s heart is peaceful. Sleep is like a rainstorm in summer, washing off the flying dust, fading away the unbearable restlessness, and the rolling heat wave is also eroded by thousands of water droplets falling heavily from the sky, let them vanish

When the frost is Green, who will weave the clothes?

I can’t say that all the green is still green. If you can find the photo of spring, compared with the current green, there is no ambiguity. These days, the weather was like early spring, the continuous rain, falling, coldness began to spread, the curtain of the Xuan window moved, it seemed to send the

Midnight listen to music: Water Lily

In the early summer of June, it was already a little hot. In the night after a downpour, there was less noise and bustle in the daytime, and it became quiet and serene. I still sat alone in front of the screen under the window, listening to a song “Water Lily” played by the piano

2011, we are together

When I walked in the still dark morning, I breathed the different air of the new year, and on my face, there was the breath left by you when you bared. I leaned on the seat of the bus with satisfaction and closed my eyes. Your warm face was faintly visible. As your wife, 2011