Learning to let go

She is a good friend I have known for many years, and she has been together for many years. Maybe because of the similarity of personality, she always feels like appreciate each other. There are many things, there is no need to hide. As for her feelings, although they hid very well in the eyes

Hard to stand without bones, hard to stand without heart

During my busy calculation, I went back to my mother’s home and chatted with my parents day by day; I went up the mountain to pick wild beans and appreciate the raging of weeds; I went down the river to catch small fish and shrimps, experiencing the depth and depth of the water, the difficulty


Time squeezed the time, and the shouting overlapped the shouting. The broad river bank trembled slightly in the shouting. In the rainy season of Yangtze River, its waves are rushing and surging, roaring away from my eyes. I feel the vigor, roughness and eternity of flow. This is the water on which I live, the

Books and the company

I have loved reading since I was literate. In my childhood memory, getting books was a difficult and fascinating thing. At that time, apart from collecting textbooks for all grades, my only hope was the new year. Because at this time, I can always receive a little lucky money from my elders. Although the sum

I listen to “the fate of this life”

One day, my good friend recommended me to listen to “the fate of this life”. I was glad to hear it for the first time: I felt that there were few musical elements, gentle tones and single meanings. In summary, it is plain and light, and there is nothing special. Just because my friends like

Bread and water

This is what people say. Eating is a big event for our common people. People are iron and iron, and people are hungry without eating. I like the old saying very much, always showing the truth of guiding the country and life. Chatting with friends, when it comes to eating, the topic is naturally full

Loneliness is the deepest loneliness (E Weekly)

Loneliness is not that nobody cares about you, but that you don’t want to care about anyone; In fact, the most difficult thing in life is to put down, walk in the world of mortals, be willing to put down, my heart was relieved …… — inscription by going to the dawn alone, walking or

The heart window is opened here

When I was young, I wanted to pursue my ideal, and then I went to look for sustenance. I ran tirelessly in the vast world and unconsciously lost my ideal in the rough life. When I look back when I am old and weak, it is full of loneliness and bitterness. It seemed that I