Listening to music at midnight: Broken Heart, will love come back

The noisy city had already fallen asleep in the daytime. The quiet night was filled with loneliness and wrapped myself tightly. I hid in the corner of the world of mortals, huddling up alone in the silent night. Wake up in the midnight, lonely, lonely swallowed me. Now I seem to be afraid of the

All troubles stem from the unfreedom of the soul.

Gradually I felt that I was going further and more impetuous. College students say they are tired, busy and physically and mentally exhausted every day. In a trance, I want to ask a question: Do you still have heart? Have you ever paid attention to your heart during your college days? People always leave less

I want a blooming life

Re-take Youth these four words in 4 years ago movement already call thousands times,-I no Ho Tung courage and determination to take the hard first step. Until now, I still live the same life as I did after I was over 40 years old! What is my youth? Now I am so vacant and helpless,

Rejection of workplace (another article)

The unavoidable social engagement continued, and the night was getting deeper and deeper. The location is changing, from the brightly lit hotel private room to the melodious tea bar of saxophone. The number of people in the party is changing. Besides the government officials who have business contacts with the department, the students who just