Time Long

Previously, it was said that as time went by, childish children drove around the village with bamboo poles. This morning, I may not feel that when the dusk falls, firewood will grow on the hillside, and the small town will be particularly clean; At this time, someone who loves you will hold your right hand,

We all “read” ourselves

I haven’t mentioned emotional things for a long time. I mainly feel that after being taken out of my body by life, I am destroyed by emotional things and have no strength to talk about emotional things. However, sometimes life is really helpless: The more you don’t want to mention, the more you have to

Life is a piece of brocade, and time is a pair of scissors

Suddenly I was very tired and slept by the window. The bitterness and happiness are flourishing and leisurely, with a flick of a finger. After experiencing the vicissitudes of the secular world, I suddenly look back; The tired mood is like a lullaby, shaking the swaddling fingertips. Life should really be a song, singing classic

The fallen flowers and lonely tears, how can I feel

The days are constantly repeating, and I am still writing about those sorrows as always, how many people pass, how many people have been faded quietly by their own memories —- inscription if I was wandering on the beach of life, I picked up marvelous shells one by one, and I used the threads of

Son, hard

Because, experience, can understand; Because, sharpen, can increase wisdom; Because, bitter, can know, child age is precious. I didn’t expect that you would be so strong, and you could walk so far with your mother so boldly. Maybe it is because of your mother’s encouragement to you; Maybe it is because of your curiosity about

Those bent waist

In front of the door of our unit, the Sanitation Department placed a trash bin, which was always filled with all kinds of garbage. The strange smell was filled with mosquitoes and flies flying around. Most people pass by with their noses covered, or take a detour from afar for fear of escaping. But under

Heart Rain flying

Flowers fade, flowers bloom, winter goes and spring comes. In spring, I came to the Earth unhurriedly with intoxicating steps. Under the bath of the Sun, the grass in the field emerged green buds from the withered and yellow grass. The lawns along the road also burst into tiny flowers in the kiss of the