Is a rice dumplings years fragrance

I will continue to stay with this city in another way I went out at 6 o’clock in the morning and came back at almost 8 o’clock in the evening. From beginning to end, I only welcomed myself with silence; Since I went to college, on weekends… [Original essay] string words Since winter, the sky

Years, I accompany you to wander around the world

I don’t know whether it is the snowy season or the day when Pear petals are flying all over the sky. I just have a mood that has nothing to do with beliefs and joys and sorrows approaching my 19-year-old! End those feelings and those happy wandering, years, I will accompany you to wander around

wu yue fly flower

Sunshine may, the wind is soft and warm. Early in the morning, the lazy spring came with the thick soil flavor. Grass and unknown wild flowers on the roadside rushed out of the ground like piles, looking around the winter yesterday timidly, it seems to be in nostalgia for old dreams, in pursuit of memories,

The beauty of a little rain, the beauty of a happy heart

A summer rain without an appointment came in succession, bringing a little bit of coolness. It has never rained since the beginning of summer. In a word, it is the joy of a long drought and rain, and the pleasure of a timely rain. The drizzle began to dance like a flower. Close your eyes

Campus, garden, orchard

In the golden autumn season, I drove to Xi’an school which I had covered. Firstly, it was just the beginning of school, and I went to visit the leaders and teachers of the school; Secondly, some work needed to be further implemented. In the autumn morning, the wind is light and cool. The blue sky

He mid-autumn

When the autumn wind blows, when the leaves are hung with glittering Dew, the maple leaves spreading over the mountain have become popular. Unconsciously, autumn has quietly come. Autumn is a beautiful season. He is bold and deep, as if he is a middle-aged man with great strength. Autumn is the harvest season. I am

Meet warm, shou hou yankon

[Heart mark] Not everyone who passes by can know each other, nor everyone who knows each other can know each other. I have been asking myself that I have been wandering in the Internet for so many years, coming and going, walking and coming, and I have already been used to seeing all the water

Delete tree

Deleting trees is a technical job, which requires high skill and courage. Most of our trees are Poplar, Elm and Willow. I don’t know if deleting trees should be written like this, but the meaning is still inseparable, because deleting a tree is to cut down the redundant notes and make the tree grow refreshed.