Refuse to sing ambiguous songs in lonely light years

The wind is so cold today. When I spread out this letter paper, I felt so painful. I knew that although I couldn’t see its scars, I couldn’t return to the former tranquility. I used to know persistently that this bitter mind could not become a reality at all, but I couldn’t stop sighing so

Nanchang line

It was the first time that I took my seven-year-old child to my fourth Grandpa’s house in 1997. I remember that when it rained, our shoes and clothes got wet, so I found dry shoes and clothes for my child to change in the arrangement of the four grandmothers of the child temporarily. The seven-year-old

It turns out that happiness is like this

Preface: Happiness is a changeable garment, a thousand-faced girl, an invisible person and a chameleon. Maybe it is always around you, but you haven’t found its existence, therefore, I missed it again and again, unconsciously, but pursued it hard. Where is happiness? 1. Young I, ears, and always think mother nagging, dad strict, but one

I am drop of water in the spoon

I still got up very early and kept running every day for a year. Today is different from the past. The sky is gray and mixed with some floating clouds. One by one is like dandelion flowers, and the joy of leaving the mother leaves to fly to the Sky first. I am hesitating, whether


It was another time to work overtime until late at night. I was used to working hard, enduring hardship, enjoying hardship and hardship, and keeping silent and waiting for my dream, until now, I understand how important body is. Health is the source of all your happiness. Happiness, I think the meaning of life lies

War is the most rational choice to solve the Diaoyu Island dispute

As an old saying goes: those who do not seek the whole situation are not enough to seek a domain, and those who do not seek the whole world are not enough to seek a moment. For China, a big country with worldwide influence, its national defense, diplomacy, politics and economy must be considered at