People with Kite

In the wind, people adjust the kite in their hands. Hold High, run up, release the line and adjust the direction with people’s unremitting efforts, kites fly slowly, rising in the air and dancing people are watching their dreams of flying hard and cheering. The kite saw a more beautiful world in the distance from

There’s plenty of fish

If people don’t have emotions, it would be better, and there will be less care and trouble. A stone lay quietly on the mountain, witnessing the moon of yesterday and the stars of today. Whether you like it or not. Day after day, year after year, this stone without carving has been depreciated, not annoyed

It’s a cool year, and the youth is getting late

My blood is in harmony with you; My pain is the same as yours; My secret is in your heart. You are more eternal than family affection, sweeter than love, and warmer than friendship. Wrote text can fly mountains Phoenix, will dance people Kosei. Only honor for University talented women. Intellectuality also has connotation, and

Warm sun, lingering

After rain, sun. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The air that instantly warms back is slightly wet with silk, expanding and spreading constantly, which is different from the freshness of the wild forest, and the turbidity is rolling in endlessly and spreading. Throwing away the clean and pure dry heat of Yan Xia, the

Green not Central

I can’t think of any suitable adjective for the season in front of me, which is warm, cold, bright, dark, dead and left. The outline of the Four Seasons is blurred here. Mid-Autumn of su yue radius, Chongjiu of Tao chrysanthemum and open. Are there no sentimental poets willing to claim this season? Or there

Love you in this life, no regrets

Love you in this life, no regrets

In June in the north, the scorching sun was in the sky, and the hot sunshine was burning the earth. The air was still hot in the scorching sunshine. Hot and dry hot weather makes people feel suffocated from time to time. Colorful flowers bend down and lower their heads under the hot sunshine bath.

Course in transformation

Living in such a noisy world, the ears are often filled with all kinds of sounds, such as the sound of traffic whistle and the sound of machine. I never like all kinds of sounds that grow up due to the progress of people’s life. I like nature and listen to the sounds of insects