When checking my mother’s belongings, I found that there were two beautifully packaged medicine boxes at the bottom of the suitcase. One box was well packaged, and the other box had already eaten more than half. I picked it up and read it carefully, and a burst of anger jumped up inexplicably. I dare not

Never forget this Yan

Eagerly across, sea blue, tiankuo. When you meet in this life, you will remember your appearance. Even if the years consider your veil of sadness or happiness ruthlessly, only the maroon merciful pupil is not more, in the embarrassed Icehouse, or at the dusk of the painter’s heart, this pair of semitransparent gemstones is as

Recalling return where

Late autumn night, a little chill. The town fell asleep quietly, yellow dogs in the distance were barking lightly, insects perched in the withered and yellow grass, and autumn cicadas after Frost were singing in harmony. I was sitting quietly in front of the security window made of cold stainless steel at the west corner

Listening to music at midnight: expectation in dreams

Countless Spring and Autumn Periods have quietly passed away, and the beautiful years have slipped gently from the fingers. With beautiful wishes and dreams, I traveled around the world. From the wind to the rain, along the way, how many ups and downs have been experienced, how many hardships have been endured, and how warm

Heart rendered by missing (selected by writers)

Thinking hard every night, sleepless every night. Noisy and impetuous mood always twine clouds. Inexplicable sadness and loneliness invade Yunxia’s thoughts at any time and pervade the living space of Yunxia. Loneliness is like a white note in October. With the melody of the hot sun, it slowly spreads on the bank of the heart

Changing a way

In daily life, facing the monotonous environment and work, I feel boring and boring. For example, every week and every day, when I welcome the upcoming work, I always feel suffering in front of myself, I even have to rush up with my scalp. Facing the familiar home and work environment everyday, we often feel