The taste of life

I knew Xi Murong very early, but I didn’t read her books carefully. I read her poems by accident, which made me read them several times. She was so delicate and quiet, it is also so acute. Just like the mountain breeze in the morning, it blows across your face and stings your heart that

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

For you, I would like to gather a sleeve of flowers, guard a city alone, enjoy the loneliness of the whole life, even if the heart sounds are no one to listen, even if the messy steps scattered on the ground of heart injury. -Notes Looking at the catkins flying like snow in front of

Frogs last night

After moving home, this summer will be different. A few thick poplar trees in front of the door are straight and straight, and the thick leaves will sing in the breeze. Several osmanthus trees are graceful and graceful, and there are also green waves of loofah climbing, gradually it overflowed the stainless steel welded Wall.

Who uses his whole life to draw a conclusion?

The unknown world today is hard to understand. It seems that everyone is looking for a goal, but they never know. When looking back, footprints have disappeared, and only they know what kind of road they have gone through. Maybe even I don’t know where I have been. People all say that an inch of

Truancy and absenteeism

When I was in primary school, my deskmate was in the same village with me and he was one of my uncle’s neighbors in terms of seniority. He was two years older than me. Generally, I called him by his name without scruple. At that time, there were three sisters in his family, who were

Only head to head

Now I feel that instead of walking with head held high in my imagination, holding the so-called Dream and showing off to others that I want to do this and that others should know that I have the so-called ambition of great ambition, but I don’t want to implement it, struggle or even work hard.